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    I like virtual pets and I love playing video games on my DS. I also love imagining things. I actually have a whole Imaginary World I go to when things go in ways I don't like in the real world. In my imaginary world, I've got magical powers and I love flying. (In the real world, I hate flying.) You might think I have imagined my imaginary world to be perfect but no, it's far from that. There are nasty things there too. Better change the topic before I get too stuck into talking about my imaginary world.<br><br>I love eating but I take a long time at it. I have some kind of trouble swallowing, so it's like... Chew, chew, chew, chew, chew, chew, chew, chew, chew, chew, chew, chew, chew, chew, chew, chew, chew, swallow.

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  1. So I randomly thought of posting this question here, because I dropped my clarinet today and I was thinking that Tamagotchi never drop their instruments. Not that I have a Tamagotchi Music Star, that is. I play piano and clarinet... clarinet for 2 and a half years and piano for 10 years now I used to prefer playing piano but now I like clarinet better. ... Are there clarinets on Tamagotchi Music Stars? I've never checked. They should put them in the world tour edition or whatever it's called (haven't really been keeping up with Tamagotchi stuff). Clarinets rule.
  2. Just to add to what complete_tama_fanatic said: Another reason you may not be able to enter codes is if you have too many foods or items. Try deleting some by going to the item list in your notebook icon (ninth icon). Select the item, then select "Trash." Don't delete too many items at once, or you may trigger the ball glitch.
  3. All I know at the moment is that adult characters seem to appear only on certain generations, like on the v1-v3. Here's what I think I've worked out so far (may not be correct): Male- Odd generation: Mametchi Shimashimatchi Kuchipatchi Tarakotchi Gozarutchi Male- Even generation: Kuromametchi Togetchi Dorotchi Robotchi Tosakatchi Female- Odd generation: Mimitchi Memetchi Furawatchi Sebiretchi Masukutchi Female- Even generation: Chantotchi Makiko Onputchi Meidotchi Kunoitchi
  4. 1. Yes, there is. On the v1-v3, growth is influenced by how well you look after your Tamagotchi. On the v4 and v4.5, it's what family it happens to land in (as far as I know this part is random) and whatever skill points are the highest. And on the v5 and v5.5, it's how high the bonding percentage is and the type of training items you use the most. 2. Yes, there are the Mame, Meme, Kuchi and Universal families. Babies and oldies do not have a family.
  5. When I went, the check in guy didn't let me take my Tamagotchi in the cabin with me, so I just paused them and put them in my suitcase. Then again, you do get people with mobile phones who text other people during take-off and landing... So you should be fine.
  6. Oxiecraft- I only have four as well, though I'm thinking of getting a Music Star. Here are my designs: v1: White with orange, yellow and pink flames v3: Green with pink flowers v4: Light blue with white and blue diamonds v5: Yellow with the Tamagotchi pets (Bagubagutchi, Chitchi, On Sen Moguratchi and Hanatarezoutchi)
  7. v4. I just don't like anything about it. Okay, I do like the characters on this version, but I liked it when people thought of Tamagotchi as a pet and not as a character that goes and gets a job and stuff.
  8. Yes, it means that the battery is running low and you need to replace it. The correct battery is a CR 2032 3V battery.
  9. One thing that the Tamagotchi Music Star makes me ask myself is: What would the world be like if everyone played music? I think that people might live a bit more in harmony (sorry for the bad pun) because we would all have that common interest and we could play lots of music together. What do you think?
  10. 1. As far as I know, the Keitama Akai has no website. I think it "connects" to an application that can be downloaded onto some Japanese mobile phones by use of some passwords though. 2. There are codes for the Keitama Akai, but I don't think you could really call it Enwarehouse. I think it's similar to the Keitai, just with red pixels instead of the usual black, a few different characters (like Cheritchi/Cherrytchi and Tomatchi) and different foods and items- kinda like what they did with the v4/v4.5. Not all of the characters are Akai characters though. I'm pretty sure Mametchi is still on this version, for example.
  11. That's just normal behaviour for Tamagotchi babies. They need a lot more care than adults, like humans...
  12. I'm just wondering: how could it be non-pixelated? I'm pretty sure even computer screens and any type of screen is made up of pixels...
  13. If I remember correctly, it's a memory game. You have to repeat a sequence of arrows using the A, B and C buttons.
  14. The amount of stars total on your fortune cookie mail will determine your Tamagotchi's normal walking animation. If you've got 5 stars or lower, your Tamagotchi will perform the tripping animation. Back on topic: Try avoiding playing any games whatsoever. When your Tamagotchi is unhappy, feed it snacks. Don't raise it's skill points.