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  1. when one taam is about 5 or 6 you should connect and then one will shake its head and 2 babys will appear then onw will go to the male tama's screen. <_
  2. What is different about the V3 vs The V2?
  3. My new tamagotchi's parrent wont leave how do i speed up the process?
  4. First i was a baby girl then a hotodetchi (star) then i eon Gunjirotchiolved into a UFOtchi i thought i was an adult like the tama chart said but i didn't have the slot game. The next day or so i turned into a Korotchi but i couldn't find it in any other charts but all i could find was a character that looked exactly like mine but it was a Furatchi. So am i a Korotchi or a Furatchi? Please help!
  5. I would like Tips, helpers, and information on the Gunjirotchi species please!
  6. you can change the tim by pressing a and c and that he will wake up
  7. you go to the shop and when u see the shop keeper press the 1st button 3-4 times slowly then he will look surprised and then you type in teh code a is the 1st button b is the 2nd and c is the 3rd button
  8. ps. a ufotchi is not an agult tike the Tamatalk Character CHart clames it is a teen!
  9. How do i get hitched(married) with someone?
  10. How do you give your tamagotchi a bath and brush their teeth? ~Thanks
  11. How much longer will it take for my tamagotchi to grow up in to an adult from the stage of Young Mametchi? and will i grow up in to a Mametchi for sure??? ~thanks