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  1. yea they do also ive noticed that females die quicker than males. Because i had a male on the V2 and a female on the V3 they both had all hearts and didnt need a battery or anything and the female died. At first i thought the v3s died quicker. so the next day i reset both of them until there was a female on the v2 and a male on the v3. The female died first so then i reset the female and then the male died!!!!!!!! but when the male was on the v2 it didnt die that quick AKAKorotchi2012
  2. I have one question and one answer: Question: Are they opposite genders, because to have a baby it has to be a boy and a girl. Not two girls or vice versa. Answer(not to the question answered above): In order to have babies both tamas have to be at least 7 years old. So in other words wait until your friends tama turns 7 and always say no to the matchmaker if it comes.
  3. one way you can kind of have twins is when you connect with another tamagotchi pet and they have babies. Whenever I connect two tamagotchi pets together and they have a baby the always grow up being the exact same thing as the other.
  4. That never happened to me but when I bought a chest I had my tama to open it and it was 800 gotchi points.
  5. u should put other in case something else wierd happened. Also about that soft beeping sound I noticed if I put my tamagotchi very close to my ear i hear a beeping nouse is that what you are reffering to?
  6. I agree I like the jump game on V1 you actually jumped over hurdles it was funner to me :|
  7. when it gives someone a snake you should discipline it.
  8. The matchmaker comes at the age of 7 3 times a day so if you don't catch her the first time you still have two more chances that day
  9. My Tama Roxy and her twin sister Foxy wants a plate of homemade Double Chocolate Chip and Sugar cookies and two glasses of milk please. Also this topic should be moved to fun stuff or tamagotchi role play P.S. Make sure that the cookies or soft and if they're not they will throw it at you because they are spoiled. Trust me because it happened to me.
  10. I think it comes at 11 am 7 pm and some other time.
  11. dadgari2 i dont think there is a way to do that unless you debug it but people have complained that debugging your tamagotchi might break it so i wouldn't try to debug it.