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  1. :] A 2005'er here. (Well I suppose more so 2006 since I joined right at the end of 2005. xD) I've stuck with my same account for the whole time. Wow, I can't believe I joined back when I was only 12, and here I am 18 years old already finished my first year of college! Time sure flies. I defiantly don't go on as much as I used too. I just go on once in a while to see whats up. xD But TT feels like it's lost something...I'm not sure what it is. Well I guess Tamagotchi's aren't as popular as they used to be so perhaps the amount of people coming on has declined. The topics these days just aren't that interesting anymore. D: (At least in my opinion) Well, I suppose when you've commented on "HOW DO I ASK OUT THIS BOY I LIKE" topic, you've commented on them all. Well TT will always have a place in my heart, which is a little cheesy to say! But it's true...
  2. Oh man...High school...It's not as bad as everyone may think, and yet it's not all daisy's and roses either. The first year of high school is always the best! :] ...At least for most people it is. ♥Remember, since your a freshmen everybody hates you. Except for everyone else in your same grade. It sounds cruel but it's true! D: Since freshmen are normally immature, loud, and obnoxious all the older grades aren't really that fond of you, teachers don't really enjoy teaching the freshmen for the same reasons. So just be pleasant, nice, and listen to your teacher. ♥Don't be afraid to strike up a conversation with the kids around you! That's the best way to make friends. ♥Don't submit to peer pressure. Though if you find yourself a nice group of friends you should be okay. ♥Join a club. This is a REALLY good thing to do in your first year of high school. It gets you used to the school and it's another great way to make friends. ♥Just enjoy yourself and don't listen to the dumb people! Do your work and you'll be alright. :,D
  3. :3 I go to College. ♥ I must admit, I love it here.
  4. I'd have to say the Bible. By far. :3♥
  5. "Inception" by far. Really thrilling and interesting movie. It really questions what reality is.
  6. Electrovire. Hands down. It pwns all! >:U
  7. *Sigh* I kinda miss the old days when I was addicted to it. x3 I always managed to have a good time on it. But I've been playing Maple Story in and out for 5 years now. :U I've been playing it pretty conservative lately. I have too many characters...x3 My boyfriend gets bored too easily so I often start over with him... I have: Level: 71 Job: Assassin Level: 73 Job: Bandit Level: 57 Job: Dual Blader -- Level: 55 Cygnus Knight Level: 36 Fire/Poison Mage
  8. OMIGOSH! I FREAKING LOVE THIS GAME! I beat it a month ago...And it was awesome. My favorite Professor Layton Game thus far. Like seriously. GET THIS GAME. O_O Your mind will be blown. There is so many twists, and the ending...Omigosh...xD GAH! I shouldn't spoil anything! But seriously...:3 Such an amazing game. I really loved the music too... :]
  9. I got a whole bunch of stuff today! >w< -A Sweet Lolita Dress from an Online Store called Bodyline -A pair of socks (Bodyline) -Adorable Lolita shoes (Bodyline) -White drawers (Bodyline) -A petticoat (Bodyline) -A strawberry purse (Bodyline) -- -A wig from (Ebay) -Dante's Inferno for PS3 (Ebay) for my boyfriend! :3 - :,D D'awww! I can't wait til this stuff arrives at my house!
  10. Just finished watching Vampire Sucks. It had its funny moments...But was rather weak altogether.
  11. I hate makeup. ♥ I look perfectly fine without it! O: It's a to much of a hassle to get all that stuff on. >.<; Lol for my grade 12 graduation my sister tried putting eyeliner on me for the first time ever...xD That was a very painful procedure. "HANNAH KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN! NO! DON'T CLOSE THEM! I'M NOT GOING TO POKE YOUR EYE OUT!!" XD lol Oh gosh...It took a good 20 minutes. T-T;
  12. D'ohoh... Twilight is very disturbing in so many ways... How about we go over some topics that Stephanie Meyer thinks is "Romantic" or "Love". * Stalking * threatening suicide * Acts of self endangerment * Controlling every aspect of a woman's life. * Bestiality * Necrophilia * Sleeping with someone as old as your grandfather. * Lying to your parents for the sake of teen angst and lust. * Teen Pregnancy * HAVING A GUY STARE AT YOU THE ENTIRE. FREAKING. NIGHT. * Having every male in the book in some way attracted to you. (Mary Sue much?) * Watching men twinkly and shine like a disco ball as "the.end" has stated. * Having your man isolate you from your friends and family. * Using marriage as a way to force sex onto someone. Brutal sex at that. * Not to mention there's a bit of pedophilia in the sense that Jacob imprints Renesmee...Ew? These are wonderful life values that every growing teenage girl should encourage! :,D ...Heh, if only that were true. <.< Oh gosh...Don't even get me started on her grammar. ._." ---- Wait...WHAT! Did Meyer actually say that about Harry Potter? ._. ...That little- As if Edward could kill Harry...ROFL > Do you have a link to her saying that statement or anything?
  13. Miles Edgeworth Investigations! LULZ♥