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  1. Yes, it did. All my love, Raspberry
  2. Just keep looking after it, clearing away the poo, giving it medicine, feeding it, playing with it. If you go anywhere either pause your tama or take it with you. All my love, Raspberry
  3. The Mr. turtlepedia still hasn't come and my tama has been an adult since thursday! I just went to tamatown to see if that would make a difference and picked up my graduation presents and then got them on my tama but still no Mr. turtlepedia! *confused* All my love, Raspberry
  4. I thought he was supposed to arrive 24 hours after being an adult... I've been an adult ages. All My Love, raspberry
  5. My tama has been an adult since thursday evening... who's mr. turtlepedia? All my love, raspberry
  6. People say that you need to choose a certain teacher to get a certain job... but I'm confused... where and how do you choose a teacher? All my love, Raspberry
  7. If your tamagotchi is on an odd generation and you take good care of it, you can get a mametchi from a patopatatchi. Is it pretty good, yes. I hope I helped! Best wishes, Raspberry
  8. I'm really sorry but I don't actually know, one thing I do know is that if you donate 20,000 you will become the kings friend. So you could maybe do that? I'm really sorry that I don't know, I will try and work it out for you tonight. Best Wishes, Raspberry
  9. Aaaaw! Congratulations! Best Wishes, Raspberry
  10. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I thought: Baby to child: 1 hour Child to teenager: 24 hours Teenager to adult: 48 hours I hope I help someone out there! Best Wishes, Raspberry
  11. Okay, I think this is a version 2 growth chart; Click here If it isn't what you're looking for, check out the tamatalk reference section. I'm sure you'll find what you need! Best Wishes, Raspberry
  12. Woah, calm down there dear! When you reset you can choose the download option that should restore your tamagotchi back to how it was before. Don't panic! Best wishes, Raspberry
  13. The Hikotchi can evolve into different things, depending on how well you look after your tama. Best wishes, Raspberry
  14. Be careful if you take your tama to school, there is always the risk of losing it or having it stolen, so bear that in mind. Best wishes, Raspberry
  15. Generation 1. Gender: Female Toddler: Tamatchi Teen: Patapatachi Adult: Paparatchi All my love, Raspberry