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  1. I just recently changed my battery and was able to download the same Tama I had, but now his sleeping pattern is opposite- he sleeps all day, and is up all night. I have the time set correctly, is there any way to fix it so he sleeps at night?
  2. Thank you so much for your help, I would have never known it was the battery doing that!! I remembered at the last minute that I had a spare battery and changed it and got the same Tama back. Thank god, I am on my second generation and ready to mate again- thank you!!
  3. My Tama is 4 yrs old, 2nd gen., and when I connect it to another Tama, I get a big black X- and I can only reset it and re-download it to get rid of the X. I get my same Tama back, but i cant connect it anymore! Help!