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  1. subilme-"santeria" what i really wanna know. my baby. ooooh. what i really wanna say is there's just one. way back. and i'll make it. gosh such a catchy song.
  2. Please never compare HIM and Tokio Hotel ever. Because talent is the thing that seperates HIM from Tokio Hotel.
  3. It was the lamest ever. And it's sad, cause it was here, in Hollywood, one of my favorite places to be. Things could have been a lot better. They could have taken the Hollywood thing to another level, but it seemed as though they werent very creative, or they were lazy or something... Pete Wentz was dry The russel dude wasn't even funny... Katy perrry is just...I don't even know what's up with her. Kanye could've done something more fantastic...I mean, he was the closing act. Britney should've done something other than just what she did for the opening. That was lame. It was just horrible
  4. I am and I'm kind of obsessed with it, but I don't wear it that much. IT's kind of hard to explain...I love buying it and taking it home and opening it and looking at it cause the way they bottle the products are absolutely goregous. Mmmm Urban Decay's bottles are ART. =D
  5. "Without Me"-Eminem omggosh totally part of the soundtrack of my childhood XD
  6. my lock is really easy to remember. before, i had this really boss lock that was the numbers of my favorite laker players (just a concidence i guess) and it was so boss.
  7. bamcr


    Not really. I'd think by now they'd be sick of wearing them... I think if you're creeped out by that, then Gnar War would creep you out even more...
  8. Ermm...MetroPark is a good one. Bloomingdales/Nordstroms/Saks Fifth SEPHORA SEPHORA SEPHORA. and I really enjoy going into TIffanys and Chanel.
  9. *hugs* thank you!!! people do need to stop stereotyping it. like, people complain "Everyone thinks ______ is emo, but it's not!!! I'm so tired of it!!!" By stereotyping rap you're doing basically what you're complaining about, thus being hypocritical.
  10. "Lady Marmalade"-Pink, Mia, Little Kim, Christiana. Ommmmygosh. Good music, 3rd grade.
  11. "Pass the Courvoisier"-P.Diddy, Busta Rhymes, and Pharell. Ohmygosh. I seriously have not listened to these songs since I was in the 3rd grade. This is so amazing.
  12. Oops double post. Now it's Snoop Dog & Pharell's "Beautiful" It's just a pharell day today.
  13. PSH YEAH I DO!!! My fave character??? Ralph Wiggum is pure joy! "He tells me to burn things"
  14. bamcr

    The Olympics

    i LOVE basketball except I never watch it cause it's too early in the morning. kobe is so great =] I also love swimming and tennis (NADAL!!!). Michael Phelps is so amazing!!! And cute! Hahah