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  1. Oh gosh thank you guys!! I had no idea the carousel is what I needed...I was literally looking for a Fairy room or something! Totally got it to work. Thank you again!
  2. So I recently bought a Tamagotchi On and am figuring out all the tricks and fun with it. Yesterday I found out mine might be slightly glitched. I have the fairy version and being on 3rd gen finally I want to get the Fairy Room and mine actually had the Magic Room instead. I tried to use it to unlock the Magic Land (or maybe Fairy Land) and neither one actually unlocked Did anyone else have this issue? I don’t want to return it to the store I can live with never unlocking those I guess but if there is a fix I would love to know. Thank you 😊
  3. Has anyone on my tamagotchi forever had issues with their toddler not evolving after 48hrs?
  4. If it does dry it will just rub off but I also dont think it will work well. I would recommend removing the battery to avoid it getting to hot or cold in the sun. Since its winter its probably going to take around 3 hours in the sun since its not as bright. Just take out the battery and then spread a layer of cream on and place in a tightly sealed ziploc and set it in the sun. Good luck! Take some before and after pics ;-) Oh and this is probably a givin but....dont get any cream in the electronics just on the outside plastic. Im sure you knew that I just wanted to be clear.
  5. Ok this will sound crazy but I promise you it will work. Since its winter it may take more time then in the summer but here is what you do....get "Oxy Spot treatment" (pimple cream yes I know this already sounds strange) but using a qtip spread a layer of this ointment anywhere there is yellowing. Then use plastic wrap to cover the tama and keep the ointment from drying and place out into direct sunlight for a couple of hours. I know this sounds absurd but I have used this method to remove stains from plasic and vinyl. This is the BEST way to remove ink stains from vinyl. The reason it works is oxy is benzoyl peroxide and it actually bleaches out the stains but cant hurt the plastic. Its an awesome fix.
  6. Im actually starting to wonder if there wasnt a server "accident" and all of our accounts and such are gone and they are just not fessing up to the fact that our pixelated items and such have disappeared. I really want to believe that Bandai would have warned us or posted news about the site going down for maintenance or improvements ahead of time. Seems like they didnt do that because they didnt actually know it was going to be down and the email response is a cyberbot response I think because I have seen that same reply word for word multiple times. My guess and I hope im wrong but I am guessing the site went down unexpectedly and they arent to worried about getting it back up and running for us OR they are but they are having trouble bringing the accounts back and dont want to break the news to us that its all gone. I wish they would just man up and tell us the truth. I would much rather start over then not have tamatown at all at this point so if thats our only option then I wish they would just open it up to start from scratch.
  7. I decided I am way to busy to keep 2 tama's going so I hatched a Tama at 3pm but I was away so I am just now gettong to post. ITS A GIRL!!!! Name: Dayla Egg: v4 lime green with flowers I have no idea how to post a picture tho
  8. OH COOL!! I have the exact same tama v4.5 Its my fave!! I am doing my v4.5 as well. I started a v4 this morning but for the group hatch I am saving the v4.5 later today 3pm I will be back
  9. Hmm I would like to join in on this if I can.....Im undecided yet on weather it will be a v4 or a v4.5. I know you said between 3-6pm but which time zone? I am going to put this on my calendar so I dont forget. Im excited for a leap year hatch.
  10. ARE YOU FRIGGEN KIDDING ME?!?!?! Jeez I have already bought so many figures at $7 a piece to give it a fair shot. All in all I probably invested about $56 in that d@&* thing. Lesson learned. I hope they come out with a new version soon. Maybe we will someday be lucky enough for color
  11. I voted Tama-go. I am an old fashioned Tama collector/ player. My reasons for not liking the tama-go are: 1) To big!!!! Not very practical to take places with you 2) Cost!! I already paid $20 for the thing why must I pay $7 each for a couple new games 3) Independent!! Whats the point of having a tamagotchi if you dont have to give it much care? I like tamagotchi's because I like the challenge of caring for them. 4) Colors!! In my town and Im not sure if its everywhere but Blue Green and White those are the options. 5) Screen!! Screen seems cheap and easily scratched. And I am just waiting for those tabs to pop off. I miss having the pocket sized kind. So much so that my Tama-go got de-battery'd and is in my sock drawer. I am running my old v4.5 right now its one of my faves but Im thinking of switching back to my V6. I probably wont keep my Tamago much longer.
  12. My sisters Tama-go hatched the same day as mine and at age 5 hers evolved again into the old man. Why so soon? SHe didnt take very good care of it is that why maybe?
  13. Hey can anyone tell me what my Tama needs when it calls out and when I hit A button it immediatly comes close to the screen and waves. Does it just want to say hi or am I supposed to do something after that?
  14. 1st- Sometime today my adults have cried out for attention and as soon as I hit button A they just come to the screen to say "HI" I guess......what do I do after that? Anything ot is it just saying hi? 2nd- I think my Mametchi is potty trained now I assume. I have not cleaned up a mess all day so has he been just taking himself? He doesnt beep or anything for potty breaks when trained? 3rd- I only have food and remodel in my shop? Do items no longer exist for Tama-go or do I need a special figure for me shop stuff? And even then where will they store them? Thanks for any help you can give. I am so confused on this new one. I like it but its definitely not the Tama's I am used to and love.
  15. This morning I set the clock to 10:29am so that the matchmaker would hurry and come so I did and she came at first but didnt bring a partner and froze when I pushed a button she turned into some lines and scattered dots before disappearing all together and the screen went blank. I guess the battery is low?? So anyway I popped the battery out and bent the prongs up a little so it would have a better connection and walaa it worked. I downloaded and it set the time right back to 10:29am so I waited for matchmakers return and she showed up of course and she brought a Mametchi LOL Wouldnt be so funny really. No big deal for her to bring a Mametchi right??......Its funny when you have a Yasaguretchi as your charicter First same gender marriage I have ever seen!!! Wish it was on a music star so I could take pics of the happy couple but its on my v4.5 so its just my charicter an their new daughter on the screen. I wasnt fast enough to catch pics of it this morning. Has this ever happened to anyone else??? That was just to funny.