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  1. Fruit rings the flowery designs look nice but are a bit too "girly" and camo is too army like... Fruit rings appeal most to me....maybe its because i love food
  2. here isn't it supposed to be a program for mobile phones in the U.S. or soemthing????
  3. hrmm...its summer now so shouldn't it have had come outalready ? has anyone heard anything else about it? or where it could be bought and stuff?
  4. this is a Japanese site but you can go HERE. ...
  5. I'm still reading it...I'm really excited that it finally came out! -------- IS THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE! -------------- IS GOING TO DIE, AND hARRY LIKES ------------!
  6. it would be extremely cool if 100% waterproof tamagotchis were made (just like those water proof watches which you can take and go swimming with) . I love going swimming but i worry about my tamagotchis so, it would be good if i could take them with me (or wear them or something while I swam)
  7. :P that would be way c00L....must get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! must get!!!!!!muahahaha ( I hope they have this for T-mobile =) ...though when you click on the link for cell phones in that article you get cingular......)
  8. no...Iv'e pottied train like one of my previous tamagotchis....though it was frusturating because i would stare at her for hours and then the minute i was not looking she would decided to "go" and poop.... lol
  9. no, you can potty train... before ur tama does go potty s/he has wavy stink click the toilet icon when you see this and ur tama will go on the toilet.... i don't know how many times but you have to do this a lot before your tama will learn to go to the toilet by him/herself so you should keep a log or something..... potty training should go into the FAQ......
  10. coool, but luckily i live in san francisco and this college for teens program which I'm going to (summer school kinda) is going to be across the street from the metreon where inside has the bandai store ...though last time I went there they ran out of tamagotchis...except the one the person who worked there persoanlly owned and he taunted me about it and told me he'd sell it for a hundred bucks so they put me on a "wait list" and told me they would call me in a few days.....that was several months ago..i am still waitng for their call... ...hopefully this won't happen again so i hope they will have it there before toysr us or walmart... muahaha i can't wait!
  11. i haven't been online in a while so Im not exactly up to date on tama news.... but has the tamagotchi connection version 2 already come out?
  12. whoa! u lucky people, for me its 7:30-3:30....
  13. yay! so theyr'e coming out sometime within the next two months????? yay!!!!!!