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    From memory, 2 Originals, 3 V1s, 2 V2s, 2 V3s, 2V4s, and a v5.
    at least 5 of those are currently missing since I've moved house :(
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    A tie between V3 and V2 :)
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    Kusatchi and Hitodetchi <3
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    a V2 and V3, both girls named Mia and Lia :D
  1. I've lost at least 5 of my poor Tamas since moving house But from memory, I have 2 originals, 3V1s, 3V2s, 2V3s, 2V4s, and a V5. I'd love one of the new colour Tamagotchis but I'm not willing to fork out that much money for it unless they make one in english
  2. I used to want a couple of small tattoos but now that I'm old enough I'm not interested anymore and can't afford it anyway Heaps of people I have on Facebook are covering themselves in tattoos here there and everywhere and talking about new ones they're getting and it's just turned me off a bit I think, don't have anything against them but it's just a bit too much and I don't think there's any one image or quote that I like enough to be drawn on my body for life.
  3. *pokes* Hello Lara!

  4. Go Skydiving Publish a book Hire a Jumping castle and throw a party Have a massive collection of dice Have my own beautiful garden with all my favourite plants and flowers Plant a tree and have it grow big and tall
  5. I've been out of school for 3 years and just finished the TAFE course I'd been doing, so I spend the majority of my time on the computer, usually on Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube or playing my fav computer game Terraria I also write and paint when I'm in the mood Hopefully I'll get a job soon, that'll keep me busy and it's about time I got off my lazy butt. Haha
  6. I got one of the original Tamagotchis for christmas when I was 7. It was purple with a green snake around it. No idea where it is now though! I'm hoping it'll turn up again someday
  7. Amethyst I feel lucky, because my favourite colour is Purple.
  8. I traced everything on the computer screen in green permanent texta because I was scared that everything would dissapear.
  9. My main one was called Briar-Rose. I had so many when I was a kid... I used to sleep right on the edge of my bed to make room for them to sleep next to me, then I'd fall out of bed in the middle of the night wake up on the floor These days I still have imaginary friends, but I keep them in my head. Being inside my imagination is so much better than being in reality sometimes.
  10. I'm so happy to say that I've finished school forever! But I went to public schools. They were pretty decent, but my High School actually has the worst reputation now hahaha we've been on the front page of the newspaper sevaral times because the students went haywire!
  11. Lara (Just thought I'd let you know in case it wasn't obvious enough) LOL People sometimes pronounce it like Laura or Layra. I'm like, HOW. THERE IS NO 'U' IN THERE, OR AN 'O' OR A 'Y'