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  1. I tried to search on google but I couldn't find anything that listed the actual name of the pet. I got him from leaving the ribbon out in the yard. I love how he is the same colour as my tama! (Also It took me way too long to figure out how to compress this image on mobile)
  2. Can't wait til I've saved up for a new computer~ I'll be able to post properly and make a decent tama log! :D

  3. I thought about this earlier because I was wondering why I couldn't marry my Lovelitchi to Cherritchi before I realised we were both female I'm not sure if it'll become an added feature but hey, I never thought colour tamagotchis and character mixing would be either!
  4. I know this topic is old, but thank you sooo much!! I just got my Tamagotchi ON in the mail today and then freaked out when I realised I can't download the app on google play! (I'm in Aus aswell) lmao!
  5. I need ! My tamagotchi ON to hurry up and get here! :D

  6. I gave up on waiting for an Australian release, so I ordered one from ebay. Although it was quite on the expensive side 😕
  7. This is what my first ever tamagotchi looked like, I got it for christmas when I was about 6. Must be a really rare shell as this is the only picture I've ever found of it! Unfortunately it's long lost now. I wish I'd taken care of my stuff better when I was younger
  8. I've just ordered this in the black. Can't wait for it to get here!!!
  9. I've lost at least 5 of my poor Tamas since moving house But from memory, I have 2 originals, 3V1s, 3V2s, 2V3s, 2V4s, and a V5. I'd love one of the new colour Tamagotchis but I'm not willing to fork out that much money for it unless they make one in english
  10. I used to want a couple of small tattoos but now that I'm old enough I'm not interested anymore and can't afford it anyway Heaps of people I have on Facebook are covering themselves in tattoos here there and everywhere and talking about new ones they're getting and it's just turned me off a bit I think, don't have anything against them but it's just a bit too much and I don't think there's any one image or quote that I like enough to be drawn on my body for life.
  11. *pokes* Hello Lara!

  12. Go Skydiving Publish a book Hire a Jumping castle and throw a party Have a massive collection of dice Have my own beautiful garden with all my favourite plants and flowers Plant a tree and have it grow big and tall