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    well i luv acting beond beleif it rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! umm surfing the web hanging out with friends ummmm hanging out with my guyfriends and alot of other stuff like the beach and swimming and water and aton of other stufff well email me yall

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  1. oh a girl omg this same exact thing happend to me i dont know what to do well email me
  2. well for the person who asked what it did well what it does is it looks a little different and it looks cheaper and you can choose the house and make a house for it and stuff
  3. my friend got that v5 tama that we had a desuction about earller well it looks totally cheep and faje so i geuss it is a fake so if you have any comments plz comment back because i need ur imput on this if you think its fake otr not well ttyl
  4. i think that i lovetamas has a point how do yall know that there r know v5 i mean yall r not the tama controls