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  1. Oh man... I've missed this game
  2. *Topic moved to 'What's On Your Mind'*
  3. I don't understand. Please will you explain more clearly? Are you going to use TamaTalk to broadcast a tamagotchi anime that is already being broadcast on Emby Kids? (or are you using TamaTalk to promote your re-broadcast only?) Don't you need permission to do that from Emby Kids?
  4. This forum is for the latest TamaTalk news / official Tamagotchi news. I'm sorry, but it's not for personal announcements and self promotion. Please use your signature message instead. Thanks *closed*
  5. Happy (belated) Birthday - hope it was a good day :)


  6. True. Then I think the ad is on point. It appeals to the primary target audience - young girls Tamas no longer have the same mass appeal they had when they launched in the 90s - nor when they re-launched the IR versions in the early 00s. I don't think the tamagotchi customer base is large or diverse enough (nor marketing budgets generous enough) to support an ad campaign that appeals to anyone other than it's core target audience. (by way of explanation, it's a subject close to my heart as I used to work in advertising and marketing - although never on toy products - and I remember the endless focus groups and research that went into trying to forecast how an ad would appeal best to it's main target audience)
  7. Historically the product has always been aimed at pre-teen and young teen girls as it's primary target audience so it's consistent with Bandai marketing. Nowadays, I don't think "girlyness" is the kind of thing to chase someone outside of the primary target audience away. Maybe it influences which shell design you'd prefer, but a dedicated fan (like many members on TamaTalk) will either want the ON for their collection - or not - and will make the purchase based on that premise.
  8. We set up the wii on the TV and had a retro gaming weekend. Super Mario Kart - I suck at it... but on a more positive note, re-visited Animal Crossing: City Folk (Let's Go to the City) and the memories...
  9. I've posted a link to your Nana Moom Maxi instructions in the TamaTalk Reference Section - it will appear in the topic about other Virtual Pet instructions
  10. Happy Birthday - have a great day Jhud :)

  11. Happy Birthday asmexus :) Hope you have a great day!

  12. *Moved to TamaTalk Reference Section* Edit: I found a recommendation to detailed instructions on the Nana Moon Maxi posted in our Tamagotchi Logs forum by dwarfmun: