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    Trapped in the Moderator's Gate of Truth
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    Tamagotchis, Animal Crossing, Korean Dramas, Chocolate.
    I don't give much personal info out to anyone ;)

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    There's a photo of my collection on my "About Me" page
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    Original pixel of Mametchi
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    Not right now (not enough time)

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I have 23 Tamagotchis: V1s x 4, V2s x 5, V3s x 3, V4s x 3, V4.5 x 1, V5 Familitchi x 2, Uniqlo Chibi Tama x 1, Tamagotchi Angel (1997) x 1, Mothra x 1, P/1 (USA) x 1, P/1 (AUS) x 1 plus Other Assorted VPs: Giga Pets - 1 x Frog, 1 x Dalmations, 1 x Mermaid, Nano Puppy x 1 (broken), Power Palz Petz Dog x 1, 99 in One VP x 1 (cheapy cheapy, very glitchy)

I play Animal Crossing: WW (DS) regularly.  I watch Kdramas on Viki/Netflix and also eat Chocolate (as often as possible).




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My Tamagotchi "Wish List":  (just because I would like to run them and compare game play with the ones I already have)

Morino/Forestgotchi / Ocean / TamaWalkie / Osu+Mesu pair / Tama-Go / Music Star

My Tamagotchi Logs

Mothra Log: http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/topic/122018-tamamums-mothra-log/

V4 Log: http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/topic/94000-tamamums-v4-log/?do=findComment&comment=1138452

That is all.