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  1. Happy Birthday! :)


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      Knighttchi's Ballad

      I second that! Happy Birthday, Nazo! You fill in for so many inter-version connections :nazotchi::nazotchi::nazotchi: I'm sure tamas around the world would thank you if they could write :D:lol::marumimitchi::ichigotchi::chohimetchi::kuribotchi::kusatchi:

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      Happy Birthday, dude! :D I hope that you have a great one. :)

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      Thanks, it was a great day! :lol:

  2. Maybe they’re just in short supply of those particular models (especially - as you mentioned - during a global pandemic)? No stock doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve been discontinued. Is Japan You Want the only supplier of Sanrio / Fantasy Meets? Are they still being offered by other suppliers? Maybe it’s just a general shortage caused by Covid?
  3. It's so long since I ran a V1... I do remember that care/neglect is not the only factor in evolution on the V1. Obviously feeding / meds / training bars (praising / punishing) play a big part but the character you get is also influenced by the games played during its life - more Jump versus more Dance make a difference to the character evolution. So if you tend to play Jump because it's easier you'll tend to get one type of character, if you play Dance (which I found more difficult), you get other characters. One thing I do remember from running the V1 over many generations is that with good care you can get Ichigotchi on a even generation (not just odd) - specifically Gen10. I don't know about any other characters, but I've had Ichigotchi on Gen10 (even) on several different V1s. They were all ConneXion (European) versions, not ConnecTions.
  4. There's no exact age; it varies because evolution is actually based on number of active (unpaused) hours on the V1 Connection. The age counter (I believe) was based on the wake up times so age when evolutions occured was varied (depending on if you hatched your tama in the morning or late in the evening just before bed) and if your tama spent any time at all on pause. UNPAUSED the life cycle goes (V1 Connexions & V1 Connections): Baby = 1hr (before evolving into Child) / Child = 24hrs (before evolving into Teen) / Teen = 72hrs (before evolving into Adult) The length of the evolution cycles change when you pause your Tama, but it's difficult to tell you how much extra time you get / have to wait at each stage in the cycle because it varies - depends on how long you have it on pause and how often you pause it. If you want to know exactly when your V1 tama will evolve you shouldn't pause it and you'll need to keep a note of time it was hatched and keep an eye on the hours (not days) it is active Edit: This Life Cycle chart is in the TamaTalk Library - it was originally made by Cyann of TamaZone - may be useful to you
  5. Happy Birthday - hope it was fun :)


  6. "I wish none of this had happened."

    "So do all who live to see such times but that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us."

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  9. Yep! Don't know which dub but one of the best, although the animation style is a little different from much of their later work
  10. Hi and Happy Birthday :)


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      oh my goodness!
      thank you so much! ;w; /

  11. Lots of Netflix right now - mostly for light relief with the family in the evenings - Kim's Convenience, The Good Place and very happy to be re-visiting a load of Studio Ghibli films that Netflix just launched - ah... Porco Rosso and Totoro - good memories
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  13. Welcome to TamaTalk We have a My Collection thread going in the Seriously Tamagotchi sub forum: It's great to look through other members collections. Please do use it to share pics of your collection and ask questions or post thoughts
  14. If it’s a Club (or Group as it was referred to above) then the owner / creator of the club/ group can manage it themselves - as explained in my previous reply
  15. 1. Members cannot delete a forum. The different forums and sub forums on TamaTalk are created by Admin and can only be deleted by Admin or Moderator. I think maybe you're not talking about the main TamaTalk forums tho' so not sure what it is you want to delete? 2/3. If you start a group you can close it if you want. There's an option to "Manage Group" Although be aware that any TamaTalk friends you have who are also members of your group might want to continue visiting the group and if you close it you will stop them being able to post and contribute to the group. Generally, if you want a post or topic hidden from view you should report it and explain why / what the problem with the post is. Then a moderator will review your request and decide if it should be hidden. Hope that helps you out.
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  17. As already mentioned, we already have a database - list - of fakes in this topic: It would be helpful for all if we can keep the useful and interesting info in one, easy to find topic, so please do post your comments there I'll just close this so that other members can also refer to the existing, active topic too *closed*