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  1. Since you've posted that you are looking to play ACNL in another forum topic I'll just close this
  2. Addiction sounds extreme. It seems like you are an avid collector with a large collection. Collecting is a hobby. Ask yourself: Does your hobby have negative consequences - on your relationships in real life - social, romantic, family? Do you spend more on tamas than you can afford? Do you have enough money for important living expenses? Do you find yourself buying more tamas than you actually want? For example, you see a tama you would like to buy as you're browsing online, then spot several other tamas that are also possible purchases but then can't decide which one you want the most... so instead of making a decision on which one, you just buy them all? Playing with tamas can be used to escape real life problems, relax, or reward yourself, but if you believe genuinely that you need them to enjoy life, or that you can’t cope without them, this is something that should ring alarm bells.
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  6. Nazo's right - sounds as if you've started up your V1 by mistake.
  7. I found this by typing "tamagotchi ipod" into google https://gizmodo.com/ipod-tamagotchi-thrills-half-assed-pet-owners-everywher-5079736 Not sure if it's any use - but I did get a lot of possible suggestions and links so there's certainly more info out there on the 'net.
  8. Welcome to the TamaGuides! Really happy you are able to join the team
  9. I've found tamagotchis for sale at School Fairs / Jumble Sales. They've been donated for sale because the kids don't play with them any more. I've picked up several for, like, £1 or £2 in the past. If you have any schools locally who run a Summer Fair or Open Day with stalls selling books and toys then it's worth heading in and taking a look (I live in the UK - in London - so this kind of thing is quite common as a fund raising activity for the school. You don't usually have to be a student or family member to visit.)
  10. The Tamagotchi wiki suggests that the ON is around the same size as the M!x: https://tamagotchi.fandom.com/wiki/Tamagotchi_On Not sure if this post on TamaTalk by Penguin-keeper will be of help, but it shows a photo of the Meets next to other tamas
  11. Please read the reason why your previous topics and status updates were closed? (If there is anything you don't understand please send me a private message and I will try to explain more clearly). Thanks. You know...there are so many sites out there where you can find free emulators and downloads - why not just use your browser to search the internet like everyone else (instead of posting repetitive spam and abusive messages on this forum)? TamaTalk avoids being involved in anything illegal
  12. My favorite moment was when my daughter and I watched her V1 tama evolve into a Mametchi adult (after all our hard work to achieve one of the "good care" characters). Such a good feeling even tho', in hindsight, it wasn't a particularly great achievement; but it felt like one!
  13. Hi there and welcome to TamaTalk I can see you joined this site only a few hours ago, so you might not be aware that our first site rule includes a request not to discuss anything illegal (see link below). If you are looking for the Tamagotchi gameboy plus to play then you need to buy it. If you are looking for a download link, I believe emulators are legal to download and use, however, sharing copyrighted ROMs online is illegal. Finding sites sharing Nintendo ROMs is easy - but the act of downloading them is also likely illegal (even if you already own those games on an old cartridge or disc). As far as I know, both the games and the game systems they come from are copyrighted intellectual property. I'm sure you can understand why I am going to close this topic and ask all our members to avoid posting anything on TamaTalk which encourages illegal downloads or game piracy. Link to our site rules (you can find them posted in the Users Guide to TamaTalk subforum: Thanks for your understanding. *closed*
  14. Happy Birthday - hope you have a good day :)

  15. We don't know how old you are so it's difficult to tell what the right age is to get and use a mobile phone responsibly. It's different in different countries. You say that you paid £1 for your SIM so I will base my answer on the guess that you live in the UK. (I live in the UK too). In the UK if you are still in primary school and not yet in Year 5 or Year 6 I think it's probably not a great idea to have a phone - it's too easy to lose or accidentally break at school. Then it also comes down to cost. The argument that "everyone else has one, so why can't I?" doesn't work well with parents who already have decided about "the whole SIM thing". Your Aunt and Sister already said they think you'd just run out of data really quickly... so... find out how much a monthly phone contract will cost you (or more realistically, cost your parents) and what kind of use you will have. If you only want to use the phone to send/receive texts/What's app or phone calls and take photos then it might be affordable - but other things use much more data - online games / downloading movies and music tracks will use up your data allowance really quickly. If you don't have any kind of job that earns you pocket money (paper round / household help chores, etc) then think about how much a contract will cost your parents every month - and if they can afford it. If you do get a certain amount of pocket money/allowance each week from your family maybe you could suggest that you can put that towards paying for a phone contract. Tesco's offer some quite good deals for a monthly fee with limits on the number of texts / calls you can send/receive and how much data you have access to (like Jhud suggested) - but it's still going to be around £15 per month (at least) for a basic contract with a limited data allowance. £15 per month for 12 months - can you afford to pay that much for a whole year? Would your parents buy you a birthday present for (at least) £180? You said your Dad has already bought you 2 presents. I know it's frustrating but I can understand that your family might just be worrying that if you go over your data limit (which is easy to do) they will be left having to pay the bill for the extra data used and it can get pretty expensive. Anyway - hope you had a good birthday
  16. Heading and catching the Music notes - good fun. I loved playing Shape! You're right - it's tricky but once you learn it you can get high scores. Here's a link to an old topic (from Tips & Tricks) on how to play (and win) at Shape:
  17. Depends which vintage tamagotchi you have. As a first step it's sensible to search online sales sites like ebay or some of the Japanese sales sites if your tama is a Japanese version. Find your version amongst those being offered for sale and see what the price range is like. You also need to consider what condition your tama is in when compared to the price and condition of those being offered as well as shipping costs/potential customs taxes if you're planning to offer it for sale outside your own country. There are also several facebook groups with active traders (tamagotchi traders or tamagotchi collectors) but I'd recommend you need to have a reasonable idea of how much you want for the tama before you approach the fb groups. TamaTalk itself no longer accepts offers of tamagotchis for sale and we ask all our members not to use this site to sell / buy / trade items, nor approach members via private message. There have been incidents in the past where people have been scammed and not received payment for their tamas / not been sent their tamas / traded a tama for something which was broken or badly damaged. Sadly there are still those who believe someone when they say "I promise I am not a scammer" just because they're also a member of TamaTalk Link to a previous topic about this:
  18. More news on this in the topic just posted by tamapalace
  19. I'd recommend you do more research first if you're asking these kinds of questions. Yes, a ROM test is risky - especially on a valued tamagotchi - but any kind of thing like this that involves taking the tama apart has risks so... maybe you need to be sure about actually doing a test before you decide if you will use your $50 tama or try to buy a cheaper version so that you won't mind if something goes wrong and it's broken permanently. If you haven't already done so, use TamaTalk's search engine to look at topics about ROM testing. Here's an obvious one (but there are more): There are also you tube channels where users have done ROM tests or "tama surgery" so it's worth taking the time to watch a few walk throughs too.
  20. Mostly Studio Ghibli anime - Spirited Away, Totoro and Whisper of the Heart are favorites. Also Cowboy Bebop and Death Note. Family Guy makes me laugh these days so I guess it's a current favorite.