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    Hi I am Elaiza I am 12 years old and i absolutly love tamagotchis i currently have 7 tamagotchis.2 of them are version 1's three of them are version 2's 1 of them are a tamagotchi mini and last but not least i have the latest version version three.Out of all the tamagotchis i have i love my version three the most so far.Because theres many things to do on it.I also like the lanyard i bought for my version three it's baby blue and it came with a memitchi<<he is so cute!

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  1. I agree.I kind of think it is unfair cause we get like only 3 versions and japan gets all of it. lol im having a hissy fit..jks
  2. Then she had went to heaven and found some other tamas just like her.
  3. That is very scary.This reminds me when this elderly man told me to come in his house!luckily i screamed my mom's name.
  4. Well it does not matter what version you connect your tamagotchis with to mate.But the age has to matter.You cannot mate a 6yr old tama and a 2 yr old one.It just won't work.Because the 2 yr old tama is too young and it is only a teenager.And the 7 yr old it will mate much better with a 6 yr old or the same age as it.
  5. i agree with mothra they are preety ugly and they look difficult to handle.
  6. I think it is preety cool it has a touch screen..But the tamagotchi itself is very...akward i want one though..hehehe
  7. i think the antenna is just there to make the tamagotchi version three more different from version 1 and 2.
  8. Did you try browsing through the souvieniers up to 30.I was like you when i got mine.I was liek where is all my prizes i won.And then yesterday i was clicking the "A" button through the souvenier list and i saw all of my souvenier.
  9. Yes lol.And there is little people that have very big lips and they have some sort of towel or something.And they are whiping the king's sweat and they look very suprised.The kind has like a yellowish brownish greenish color .And he is wearing a crown.It was really fun to be up there.
  10. I got to see the king too!It was so cool.He looks like an egg hehehehe...Anyways he said the same thing,"thank you for your donation".After he gave me a gift it was a wonderful gift it was a diamond ring !
  11. yes heat sensitive would be cool,perhaps.
  12. It's natural.It happens when your baby is going to change into another character(child).
  13. i got artic camo..I got the last artic camo.But i am not sure if they are rare.I think the green camo is.Hardly no one has it here in my school.
  14. People think their tamagotchis are boring maybe because they always get the same character for example masktchi.And the other reason is because when it dies And people made it to like the 6th generation.They worked so hard to get to that generation so they give up.And they just let they're tramagotchis die.That's what my friends always do and it's so mean.