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  1. Happy birthday a1983legend! c:

  2. Hey, this may have been asked before but I couldn't find it. Is there any character charts or a growth chart for the music star yet?
  3. Hey, I was wondering other ways to lower stress levels besides for playing with toys and praising the tama? Also, I was wondering how you get bill to say yes when you audition in front of the three people. I always get an x from him but an o from everyone else.
  4. Yep! I got a leopard one today! I got it at toys r us!
  5. I was 19 when I got my first kiss kiss..I waited until I was with someone that I truly loved. I let them know before hand that it was my first time so it wouldn't be that great. But, once you get started, you will be suprised that it just comes natural. I don't read links or anything that tell you how to do it because you will be so caught up in trying to remember how to do it, and your partner might be trying to do it a different way...that it just wont work out. You need to make sure that you are ready and that you love and trust the person you are doing it with. I have been with my guy for close to 5 years now. You develop your own methods of kissing after awhile..
  6. I have used a lot of the same favorite foods on the v4 as the v3. They are mostly the same....I think? but I dont know about the new characters. When I gave them the fav. food though....it didnt raise all the happy hearts like it does on the v3. Was this a glitch? Or is it just that way on the v4?
  7. Everytime I use the magic lamp..a lightning bolt electrocutes me and all my happy hearts go down. Every now and then I get points but most of the time a cloud sends down a lightning bolt and electrocuted me lol..
  8. sorry, I tried looking for it in search but I for the life of me can't figure it out....I know that sounds strange but I can't figure out the search thingy....it always gives me things that I didnt want or ask for.
  9. I found a tama cartoon on you tube....I havent watched the whole thing yet..but I thought you might enjoy it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfzewcF9Tyg
  10. I'm not sure, but I always thought that the three people doing interviews held up an x or an o depending on your skill levels. If you had enough skill in one area but not enough in another for that particular job, it would tell you which skill you didnt have enough points in by the x and if you did have enough, you would get an o. There are three things you can be skillfull in, and there are three people doing the interviews. I guess that is where I came up with that idea. I never can remember what the skills are LOL but they look like a pencil, star, flower. Say you have enough points in the star column but not in the pencil or flower one for that job...so the interviewing people would give you an X O X
  11. Does anyone know where to find little screws to replace the ones I have for my tama angel that hold the battery cover in? My screws are kind of stripped and I need a couple new ones.
  12. You were probably starting to get sick but your body didnt realize it until you smelled the food and actually got ready to eat it. If everyone else that ate it is okay, then it was likely not food poisoning or the food that made you sick. I hope you feel better soon! I hate being sick! No fun at all!