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  1. Its a free event and if you want to know if they are going to a mall near you here is the link and you can find out who is performing and where its at.
  2. Where are the malls that this will be taking place?
  3. They finally connected, They are both Children so, maybe it was becuz mine was a child.. I dunno
  4. I paid $20 and Shipping, so about 25-30
  5. i got that same answer when i asked, how long will it take until i get my first tamagotchi, when the website came
  6. Well then if they connect with a baby, im having a problem connecting. They arnt connecting.
  7. My Kuchipatchi had to wait until he was 7 also to get a visit from the Match Maker. The matchmaker will visit anytime between 7-10 yrs old
  8. Can you connect when one of the Tamagotchis has a baby with him?
  9. Yeah, I bought my Black UK Version Tamagotchi from Ebay, it turned out GREAT! I LOVE IT! And its not fake
  10. Thanx that really helped Tamamaster
  11. in 1997 I had spilled Lemonade on my Tamagotchi, and it still worked. But thats about it when it comes to liquid and my Tamagotchis
  12. Well It has hatched and its a BOY! Named it Dax, so now I have Rex (who will soon be leaving his baby girl with me) and Dax. AND I JUST BEAT THE JUMP GAME WITH 30 MOVES! Im so proud Shot his empty 5 hearts to full
  13. I have finally received my Black Tamagotchi UK Version which was shipped from Singapore. The seller had told me I would get it somwhere between 12 and 20 days, but I think it was only 6! YAH! Now I have to, just waiting for it to hatch now