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  1. For the past year I've been checking every Wal-Mart and Toys R Us, as well as any toy stores that i come across in hopes of finding the new tamatown tama. Whenever I asked if they were in stock, all of those stores would tell me they haven't sold any tamas for a year, since the music star. Are they discontinued? I can't order one online because my parents don't allow it, so how can I get one?
  2. oh, thank you! that's exactly what i was looking for!
  3. so my friend is in japan right now and he's bringing me back 3 tamagotchi ID's (i only asked for one, but he decided to get me 3 for some reason). i've been reading all of the guides about it since i can't speak japanese. but one thing i didn't come across is naming your character, obviously it's going to be in japanese. how could i know what the name would sound like? it's kind of strange to just name it a bunch of random letters. is there a guide for how the japanese characters sound like? thanks!
  4. Since I couldn't find any other topics about this, I'm starting to think that I'm the only one with this problem. I'm scared to try to restart it too, what if nothing changes and I just end up losing all of my stuff?
  5. My music star is already on the 5th generation, but for some reason my gotchi points go down to 0 when i start taking care of a new generation. I've heard that the points are supposed to get deducted to half (or something like it), so why am I losing it all? It makes it very difficult to buy food for it, so I have to stock up while the adult is still with its kid. Is my tama defected? It's really lame to lose all those points I've earned!
  6. I got my first tamagotchi back in 1997, my cousin gave it to me because she got bored of it. Ever since then I fell in LOVE with them, I have so many versions of them now!
  7. Um... hello? I'd really like to know, I'm getting bored of searching xD
  8. Hello, whoever plays on teripets (it's sort of like neopets, but different. If you want to join, I'd be glad to refer you at: www.teripets.com/register.teri?ref=fishweed) I have a small question. I know that you're not supposed to tell, but I need to know where the Chamber of Kings is... I've been searching for days and I can't find it. If anyone can help, you can PM me so no one else will know I promise I won't tell anybody. I just need to buy something that can only be found there xD Thank yooou (Reply please xD) P.S: Yes, I've already tried the shop number thing where you put the numbers 1-1000 at the end of the link, but I got to 1600 and still nothing
  9. Lucky you. I live in Canada, and I'd rather wait until January than order off ebay. Getting it by mail will probably be slower.
  10. raquaz


    Yup! V1: 4 V2: 3 V3: 4 Minis: 4 P1: 1 I also have a dinky-dino, but that doesn't count as a tamagotchi.
  11. I voted orange circles! I like the design, it's so cheery and happy-ish. Makes me think of happy stuff xD
  12. Well, they are supposed to be released on Januray 7th, and some have already been released in some states. Just wait until Januray 7 and then you might see it in some stores.
  13. Ok, I've heard that V4's were just released in America, but what about Canada? I'd really like one for christmas, and I need a reply soon. When are they getting released here, if not already? And where? Thanks. (please reply...)
  14. Because you're not supposed to donate it all at the same time. Try donating 1 point, then another point after that. He should give you a password.
  15. How about.. the 8th of december? I think that's when I'd be able to start mine up...