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  1. Hi all! Here is the scoop! V3 name: MISHO tam: tamatchi age: 0 YR weight: 14 LB training: 2/8 Gotchi points: 130 P Item(s): music disk, ball Food/drink(s): milk Snack(s): cake Souvenir(s): No. 1--> passport No. 15--> ring No. 18--> skate board No. 19--> baloon No. 20--> cap No. 21--> teddy bear No. 23--> rare disk No. 24--> rare shoes No. 28--> bandai No. 29--> mic No. 30--> suitcase Tamatown: MISHO donated 5 000 gotchi points to the gotchi king and the gotchi king gave MISHO a beautiful RING! If MISHO donates another 5 000, I wonder what he'll get... MISHO also bought a ball from the shopkeeper. Also, I don't want to reveal the code for the ring because you are going to have to donate 5 000 points yourself to get it. Games: MISHO played both the BUMP game and the GET game but found it was better to get a lot of gotchi points from playing GET. ENTAMA updates: the sensei visited MINORISHIO but he lost and didn't get 20 kindness points... I am also aiming to get the Nonbiritchi character so I have to get up to 999 kindness points and the Patchi Onsen job, whew!
  2. Very nice items! By the way, the password for the king is on your tamagotchi V3. Go to the book icon after the lamp icon and choose POINT. Press enter and it will ask you if you want to make a donation to the king. Select how much you want to donate, and it will give you a password to visit the king on! I have not tried this yet, but that is what it says in the instruction booklet. I hope this was helpful for you. I hope to visit the king soon after I have a lot of gotchi points. I would like to buy a few items first, though.
  3. I actually would not recommend that, because that is called cheating death. Instead, you should try to revive your tama back to health by feeding/playing games. Although, pressing the reset button and then download, does get your tama back to normal. It works, but why try it? Instead, try to have a happy and healthy tama so that it doesn't have to suffer. Anybody in the house have the oldest tama? PM me to tell me how old your oldest tama was and I will definitely PM you back a huge high-five! Had an Otokitchi or Ojitchi? Let me know!!!
  4. Yo! What's goin' on, tama-to-the-talkers?! I am so hugely excited about my new silver V3 that I am now adding it's information along with the entama!!! This time, my tamagotchi log will bigger and better than ever (providing that I take it seriously and don't fall into my usual lazy self...) SO! HERE IT IS!!! R U READYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! (I must have a sugar high or something...) V3 name: MISHO (boy) tam: Tamatchi age: 0 YR current weight: 12 LB Training: 1/8 Gotchi points: 520 P Item(s): music disk Food/drink(s): milk Snack(s): cake Tamatown: MISHO won the microphone, bandai ribbon, rare shoes, and the cap except there is no way that he can interact with these items. It's like they disappeared or something... I think that MISHO can only interact with the items he's bought, sadly ;-C Games: MISHO played the "GET" game 10 or so times and to my happiness, he got 150 points for each win! And when MISHO grew to a Tamatchi, he played BUMP and won 160 points for only knocking down 2 tams! In the V2, you didn't get as much points like that. Anyways, isn't Tamatown bootylicious? I love it soo much! I can't wait until the shopkeeper gets travel tickets in stock so that MISHO can travel somewhere! The V3 is just breathtaking to take care of, I am going to make sure that it gets the proper care it deserves! ENTAMA name: MINORISHIO tam: Kutchipatchi age: 10 YR current weight: 26 LB GUTS: I.Q.--> 0 Style--> 21 Kindness--> 862 Gotchi points: 40 870 woot! woot! Item(s): french hat and clay from sensei. Um, that's about it. I haven't bought anything from e-tamago in a while because it is just so annoying to get through. I am probably only going to attempt it when I have got loads of time! Food/drink(s): um, nil Snack(s): tea Tamatown: I am basically annoyed by how long it takes to get through that MINORISHIO has only been once, and that was for tea! Games: MINORISHIO plays the hammer game all the time and that is why he has 40 870 gotchi points! woot! woot! woot! That's about it! Tamatalkers reading my log have obviously noted that I have changed the format of my log. PM me if you think you have fabulous ideas for me to improve my tamagotchi log! Guaranteed I will PM you back!
  5. Entama log entry #10 Name: Minorishio character: young kutchipatchi sensei: canvas sensei Guts stats are pretty good. Basically, the major events were that my kutchizoku grew to a young kutchipatchi! I also noticed that not very many people put these smilies in their posts. Why not, there cute!
  6. ENTAMA log entry #9 I have just reset my tama because I was tired of being so wealthy, but I still love Uashi. I now have a baby boy from Kutchizoku("kutchi" means mouth) group. This tam is very cute, and I've always had a thing for the Kindness characters. Here is the new log on a new special kind of tama. Enjoy. Name: Minorishio (mee-NO-ree-shee-O) Sex: male Generation: 1 Age: 0 yrs. Weight: 9 lbs. Gotch point count: 310 GUTS stats: Intelligence: 0 Style: 0 Kindness: 14 After I reset my ENTAMA, I lost all the items . But it's all worth it because now I get to start fresh. It's like I had everything and I was getting tired of it. I was getting tired of being rich and famous . I had almost every item from Tamatown japanese here. Anyways, it's a start of a new era! PROPS to those who read my log! PEACE! Also, I don't want tamagotchi lovers 2 get the impression that ENTAMAs are better than the english versions. I say this because not every tama parent can have access to a japanese tama & the english versions are just as good. No matter what tam version U hav, japanese or english, take the best care of it as U can. Every tam deserves equal treatment!
  7. ENTAMA log entry #8 Updates: GUTS stats: Style: 187 Kindness: 172 New items: Style extract? Can't cook it though. Unrelated: Basically the whole ENTAMA journey ends here after getting the job and all. Overall, ENTAMA is pretty average. Perhaps, BANDAI Japan should come out with an Umino Entama, Morino Entama, or even a Deka Entama to spice things up.
  8. It would have been better if the kids in the commercial weren't so young! Other than that, the song is very catchy and so many kids (and possibly teens) will buy it. Although, isn't as good as tamatown JAPAN(e-tamago)!! The V3 looks very good. When will I buy it? After buying another entama of course!
  9. ENTAMA log entry #7 Name: Uashi Character: MIMITCHI!!! Age: 9 yrs. Weight: 30 lbs. Gotch point count: 8140 GUTS stats: Intelligence: 999 Style: 174 Kindness: 160 New items: crab, pudding, MAMEsprout, car, the one and only CANDY TREE!, chocolate bar from candy tree, magnifying glass after obtaining new job, the ICHIGOcity ticket, and a cupcake frm ICHIGOcity! Items from cooking: square mushroom, and MAMEmilk. Tamagotch town activities: Uashi basically just visits the Tamatama market now and then and she bought all the new items mentioned above! Right after she got her job, she was able to play the job game at the Office. In the game, Uashi had to exchange a ticket with another tama with the corresponding ticket(?) She would get 10 points (not Gotch) if she exchanged it with the right tama. To my sadness, Uashi would have done a lot better if I knew a good amount of kana. Anyways, when Uashi won, she went home and got Intelligence points! Again, I do not need anymore Intelligence points! Nice game, though. Oh, and I also mentioned that Uashi went ICHIGOcity, the land of the strawberries! Actually, there are a lot of Ichigotchi around and all the buildings and streets were made of PASTRIES! However, Uashi could only go to the store and so she picked up a cupcake... Notes: Uashi grew to a MIMITCHI! yay! She also got to choose 1 out of 5 jobs. I did not know which selection was the lab job, but I picked the first one because it is just logical if you don't know any kana. Anyways, Uashi got the lab job and recieved a brand-spanking new magnifying glass ! It's function? Yes, getting more Intelligence points No word of her salary, yet. Oh, Uashi is not playing the rings game on Tamagotch town anymore because the kindness and style games on the Entama bring Gotch points more easily than having to re-enter Tamagotch town every time to win the rings game! Unrelated: Uashi will soon get a secret lover! What does this mean? Matchmaker? Someone else's Entama? Tune in to artDJmaster's ENTAMA log to find out more soon!
  10. ENTAMA log entry #6 age: 6 yrs. weight: 23 lbs. Gotch point count: 6 720 Intelligence: 999 Style: 29 Kindness: 26 New items: The house for 30 000 points, finally!! Also, Uashi got tea, a shishkabob (from rings game), fried eggs, and all the kindness cooking materials, not sure what each one is named, though. Items from cooking: Uashi tried to cook all the kindness items but they exploded and she was left with nothing I think my tam character has to be under the kindness catagory in order to cook kindness items. Oh well... Tamagotch town activities: As I mentioned, Uashi finally got the house and a few other things. But because the amount of Gotch points is so low now, Uashi had to play the rings game 10 times! Oh, and I tried to access the CIAO game at Gotch station but it took so many failed attempts, I just gave up Notes: Uashi has not grown yet, but I am very patient. Entamas take a day or more to grow than the american versions. Oh, and every time Uashi's sensei visits, she always fails at winning the "find the pencil" game, jeez! I hope that doesn't harm her career as a lab scientist Unrelated: The reason I had a hard time accessing the CIAO game on Gotch station at Tamagotch town was because I don't have Microsoft Windows XP Japanese Version on my computer. Every day when I go to Tamagotch town, it takes about 10-20 minutes for me just to wait and keep retrying to get in. I do not have Japanese Windows XP because I think it's around USD$500. That's just a little too steep for me It is a bit discouraging when it takes a long time to get to Tamagotch town, but it's better than the english Tamatown anyway.
  11. ENTAMA log entry #5 Name: Uashi ---> Age: 5 yrs. Weight: 26 lbs. Gotch point count: 27 980 (aiming for that house on Tamagotch town, 30 000 pts.!!!) All GUTS stats are the same as usual Items from cooking: none, but if Uashi eats the glasses bread for example, her intelligence count rises! Not that it needs it... Tamagotch town activities: I basically just played the rings game a few times. To my HORROR, the CIAO matching game was not available for Uashi to play at the Gotch station!!! Notes: Basically, it was a pretty average day for my tam. I wasn't expecting anything average on the ENTAMA, though. ANYWAYS, tomorrow is a big day because my tam will be 6 yrs. old and ready to GROW! When she grows, she'll be able to choose a job and get a salary every day. Unrelated: I am sorry to post such a vague topic today, but in order for ppl to read my log, I need 2 update it frequently.
  12. ENTAMA log entry #4 update age: 5 yrs. weight: 31 lbs. Gotch point count: 21 580 and rising! Style: 27
  13. ENTAMA log entry #3 Here are the updates: my tam ---> weight: 29 lbs (Uashi is 2 obese ) Gotch point count: 21 080 (h*ll yes! Candy tree, here I come! ) New items from cooking: square rice ball, Mame drink, some pretty looking drink, and a square log of candy New tamagotch town activities: Uashi just basically played the matching game at Gotch station a dozen times and won 900 points each! That is why her Gotch point count is past 20 000!!! The last part of the matching game is a bit hard because you have to match the character to their appropriate name in hiragana. Once I played it for a bit, I began to write the names in hiragana and studied them! Talk about an easy way to get Gotch points! I wonder how many points Uashi will have tomorrow... She is aiming to cook every cooking item, hmmm, the smartest tam in the world and a promising chef , woohoo! No new notes.
  14. ENTAMA log entry #2 age: 4 yrs. weight: 16 lbs Gotch point count: 7630 Intelligence: 999 Style: 17 Kindness: 24 New items: Kutchipatchi city ticket, 9 more intelligence medicines, cupcake from KUTCHIcity, a new square hat and a pencil from sensei, Mame block, square flask, triangle flask, and wisdom extract for cooking Items from cooking: square bagel, square apple, and glasses bread Tamagotch town activities: My tam played the matching game at the Gotch Station and won 900 gotch points after each win! I won like 5 times. I finished buying intelligence medicine because my intelligence count is maximum. I played the rings game again 7 times and I got bored of it. Oh, and after my tam grew to a young mimitchi, I was able to play the cleaning race game at the school. After coming in first, I recieved 9 intelligence points! I raced 6 times and came in first 4 times. Notes: My tam grew to a young mimitchi and the wisdom sensei came and she played the game where she had to guess which box the pencil was in. She lost and fell flat on her face. Anyway, when it comes time to choose a job, I am going to choose the lab job. You need at least 200+ intelligence points to be able to become a scientist.
  15. I am writing my first log 3 days after I have recieved my entama and I am so thrilled to have started a log. Introduction: name: Uashi (oo-AH-shee) sex: female shell: Guts BLACK Generation: 1 age: 3 yrs weight: 12 lbs Gotch point count: 3 210 Intelligence: 707 Style: 17 Kindness: 23 Items: telescope, intelligence t.v., food tree, a MEMEcity ticket, a MAMEcity ticket and I also bought like 15 intelligence medicines (these medicines up your intelligence count by 20 points each! They are currently SOLD OUT on Tamatown. Tamagotch town activities: I played the rings game and won the golden gotch bag every time about 8 times. Shortly after, I bought a lot of intelligence juice! I used to have 12 000 gotch points, but now I have 3 210 points Notes: I don't know what my tam character is because I don't speak japanese and it is definitely not a character on any american/european versions. The nanny visits my tam like 3 times a day and teaches it to sing! It is so easy to get a lot of Gotch points and that's how I got the food tree for 10 000 Gotch points!