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  1. Change the time to when your at school so its sleeping.
  2. Its awesome!!!!Its grams instead of pounds, and the day goes before the month, and it can't connect while its a baby.....waait not so cool..... but I LOOOOOOOOOVE it!!! It's baby/light blue and its got this little picture of a tama with wings on it!!! AND HES GOT A DUCKY BATH TUB!!!!Only bad part is, he's going to be like, ages older than my other one.... I CAN FIX THAT THOUGH!!!! You just start you other one back up when your on the second gen!
  3. I've been waiting for foreva!!! Just when my other tamagotchis battery went dead too.... DARN'T!!!
  4. From a baby to a child an hour, child to teen a day, teen to adult bout 3 days.
  5. Alot has happened! My tama turned into a hianotchi and now its a masktchi. They eat and snack just like the nija. So today the matchmaker came and brought me a hanatchi and I said yes. So for the FOURTH time in a row I'm gonna get a boy.
  6. Well, ya gotta watch your tama 24/7 when you see wavey lines quickley get to the tiolet icon and press the "B" botton. If your lucky you'll see your tama un a little toilet!!!
  7. Cooooooooooooooooooool......................
  8. Thats pretty good ya know......
  9. But there really awesome colors..... dont cha think?