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  1. I have seen a few posts where users simpy put www. (website goes here) . com/org/ca. I wanted to tell everyone how to make it clickable. First you put . Then, beside it put any text that you want to be part of the hyperlink. Then you add . Then it will say Any text you want. Here is an example of doing it right: My favorite website. And here is an example of doing it wrong: {URL=http://www.nmsu.edu/~ird/puppy.jpg)Click here for a picture of the cutest dog in the world[/YURL] Regards, Katep1997
  2. Hi Kero! Mametchi looks like this on V2, I do not know if he is on V1. I couldn't find a picture of his V3 makeover, but I will post it if I can find one. Best, Katep1997
  3. I'm homeschooled too. With best wishes, Katep1997
  4. Mametchi/Mimitchi This is VERY hard to get. Basicly, take perfect care. Try to get as much training as possible (although once I got Mimitchi with only two training bars). Always clean up waste as soon as it happens. If you let the hearts drop below one empty, let him (or her) sleep with poo next to his bed, or don’t get any training, there is a 98% chance you will end up with one of the characters below. Ginjirotchi/Pochitchi From what I have heard, this is one of the hardest characters to get. I myself have never had it, although I am going to try. Don’t let it drop below two hearts, and try to take *ALMOST* perfect care. On the night before you expect him to change, let him sleep with something wrong (like a poo or an empty heart – but make sure it’s not below two, or you might end up with a not so cute character, Zukitchi/Masku-chi). If you follow these instructions exactly you will now have Pochitchi/Ginjirotchi! Zukitchi/Masku-chi You could say these are the worst of the good characters. I don’t think Zukitchi is cute at all, but I am quite fond of Masku-chi (although I am afraid to try to get him due to the fact that if I did, I could end up with a Zukitchi). Take average care, and every now and then let it sleep with poo. Let the hearts drop down at some point, one in hunger and two in happiness. What I think is interesting about these critters is that they can turn into the secret character. Ichigotchi/Young Mimitchi Both of these I have only had once, but I know how to get them. Do the same you would do to get Mimitchi/Mametchi, but in this case you are aiming for a teen rather then an adult. I got both of these with a Kuribotchi, just to let you know. Tarakotchi/Kusatchi These are supposed to be fairly easy to get, although I never suceeded. Tarakotchi goes up to the screen to give kisses. They are obviously just two mis-understood sweethearts. If you want one, take the worst care possible. When it is first born, feed it only one meal and one snack. Never let the hearts go above one full. As often as possible, let it sleep with poo next to it’s bed. This is a bit sad, because I think Tarakotchi and Kusatchi are very sweet and they are two of my favourites. If the character you want is not listed, send an e-mail to kate.poehlmann@telus.net or PM me. Hope this was helpful to you! Best, Katep1997
  5. Sorry, but there are only five V2 shop codes. Here is a topic listing all V2 shop codes. Best, Katep1997
  6. Mametchi and Mimitchi are the two most healthy characters you can get. Pyonkotchi, i believe, is the third best character. Best, Katep1997
  7. Great topic - I think this should be pinned! Best, Katep1997
  8. If you want a V2 to connect with a V3, select 'Ver.1' on the V2 and 'Others' on the V3. Best, KP
  9. It must have been hard when your best friend got banned. I feel sorry for you and wonder why they were banned. Cheers, KP
  10. Dachdach545 is right about training. Once I only had two training bars and I got a mimitchi. Cheers, KP
  11. SPAM stands for Small Pointless Annoying Messages. " circle" is SPAM, "You have to take good care of it to get Mametchi/Mimitchi" is not SPAM. Cheers, KP
  12. Did you type in your username exactly as it is spelled in your V3? You have to spell it all capitals. Example: If your username is Alexa, type in ALEXA. Cheers, KP
  13. This should be in What's On Your Mind?. Cheers, KP
  14. This should be in (Non)TamaTalk. Cheers, KP