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  1. I only have three but I am looking forward to the v3's I have 3 v2 connections.
  2. I'm afraid to say I to believe it to be impossible I left mine alone for a night I had forgotten about it and it was practicly dead when I got to it thank goodness they sleep or they would have been dead, but I believe everyone one on tamatalk practicly would tell you the same a tama can't stay alive that long without attendents and with only 6 poops.
  3. When you use the love potion how long is it before the two tama's acutally have a baby? and Is 1 year age difference a problem Can anyone please help?
  4. This seems to be a popular question I also would like to know when can we get them and where because from now on i'm saving my pocket money I really want them. I have 3 tama's so far i'm going for another three lol.
  5. it was this place in brantford by muggs called dollarama or something my sister toke me there
  6. As I saw posted above help threads which allow the person to ask a question are not aloud as the admin says it is confusing and makes it hard to find a specific answer I recently found this out.
  7. Umm if it is there wouldn't be codes 4 it cuz there isn't a shop for sum reason i've never seen one b4 it's weird
  8. I live in Ontario Canada. it looks the same but the game is like chasing a chicken or sumtin
  9. I was at this new buck store in town so I saw these tama's on for 8 bucks I thought good deal. They dont connect with the normal tama's at all they are a bit diff. it's green and it has white circles I only just realized it didn't have the tama connection on the top of the egg and it does not say bandi at all anywhere what is it?
  10. Congrads love_tama Babies are always fun, at least you get to see your baby tama's brother or sister. Good luck and I hope your tama grows up to be what you want it to be. XXX Your friend and mine
  11. Ola, Unfortunetly that never worked. It was just a rumour the only code there are, are the 5 known of. There is no way to get a dog, cat that works that anyone really knows of. Again sorry but it was a rumour. xxx Your Friend and Mine
  12. Ola, Sometimes you just don't understand somethings here you can find basic care tips for your tama. If something you want to know is not here feel free to post and eaither I or another memeber of tamatalk will try to answer your question. Caution: Remember not to drop your tama in a lake,river,toilet,glass of water,sink or anything wet. :huh:Q: What do my happy meter and hunger meter do? :DA: Your happy meter detirmines how happy your tama is 4 hearts filled means your tama is very happy to maintain your happiness level simply play games, give your tama toys or give them a snack or a treat if your on the run and don't have time to play with your tama. Your hunger meter tells you how hungry your tama is if the 4 hearts are full your tama is full. To maintain the hunger level feed your tama on a regular basis. Baby-Every minute Toddler-Every 2-5 minutes Teen- Every 20-30 minutes Adult-Every 1h or so :huh:Q:My tama has a tooth or skull above it's head what do I do? :DA: The tooth means your tama has a toothache and the skull means your tama is sick. These can be given with to much sweets or food. Go to the medication ASAP it could be deadly if it grows. :huh:Q:What are the squiggly lines on my screen? :DA:The squiggly lines means your tama has to use the toilet if you take him/her to the 3rd icon the toilet you can see your tama using the toilet. :huh:Q:My Tama is crying what do I do? :DA:Simply praise your tama. Your tama needs disipline and skills. To teach your tama wrong and right praise your tama when she/he uses the toilet or is crying. When your tama gives a friend a mean prank disipline your tama needs to grown some training points! :huh:Q:How long does it take my tama to evolve? :DA:Baby -> Toddler = 1Hr Toddler -> Teen = 24Hr Teen -> Adult = 2-5Days :huh:Q:I go to school how do I pause my tamagotchi :DQ: Just press the "A" and "B" buttons to pause and to un-pause press them both again (at the same time) Anymore Questions post. Your question will be added to the list for future new tama owners. Thank you for coming good luck!
  13. Ola, I have 3 tama connection's and my oldest stuey is an adult, He became an adult around 3/4 I am pretty sure yours will as well if for some reason it does not don't be frightend the lifespan of a tama can be different, but I assure you it should around the age of 3/4 Good Luck with your tama I hope it grows up to be what you want it to bee "Don't Forget Spam is like Drugs to tamatalk... Eeek Save tamatalk!"
  14. Yes and also you don't have to pick yes the first time the matchmaker will come back as many times as it wants, untill your tama becomes an oldtimer.