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  1. Yay, thank you so much. Now I know that when my beloved Tamagotchi dies that I can download him.
  2. I want to know how to play the Dance game..this question has been bugging me constantly ever since I got my version 4 and I have a sudden longing to get it answered. Yes, I have also submitted this question into the FAQ Helpdesk and it has not been answered. Thanks.
  3. I wanted to know if you download your Tamagotchi after resetting it will effect the battery or not. P.S.~ I have a V4, if that helps.
  4. V4's are okay, I guess. But I read in the instruction manual that Tamagotchis ages 0-2 will go to preschool. My tama is in the 'child' stage and is 0 years old and still won't go to preschool. He keeps shaking his head when I select the 'Work' option. Isn't that the option you need to select when you want to get your Tama to go to school?
  5. A little snowman appears, and snow falls! It is very strange, becuase for some people it happens in February, which isn't normally the time for snow! -GotchiGirl!
  6. Be patient! It may take as early as 4 or as late as 11!! Sometime in your Tamagotchi's life, the matchmaker will come and visit him/her! It sometimes take's time! -GotchiGirl!
  7. There is already a memorial in TamaTalk, as you don't need to create a new topic for a memorial. -GotchiGirl!
  8. Nope! The imitation flag is small, and doesnt have a point. The real flags have points at the top! Hope I helped. -GotchiGirl!
  9. Give him/her a snack, its pretty much the only way to get the happy heart's up. When your done feeding him/her the snack, play games to get his/her weight down! -GotchiGirl!
  10. Well, some tips for getting happy hearts up: Play a game!! If your tamagotchi is not down to his/her weight limit, you could play a game! Or, you could try feeding your tamagotchi snacks.