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  1. I know I haven't been on here since like 2007, but I finally managed to get Ningyotchi after 10 years of trying!!! I'm so excited!!!
  2. Linda from the vpets group got her back in September! It was awesome! Check Her Out!!!! (I hope that link takes you right to the pic...) KM
  3. You can get anywhere from $60 to $120 for it on eBay for a US Ocean! Which design is it?
  4. *Topic moved to 'What's On Your Mind'*
  5. *Topic moved to 'What's On Your Mind'*
  6. A friend of mine from Germany pointed something out to me this morning. Tamagotchi Decoration Kits! The thing is, they are listed on toywiz, which typically has OUTRAGEOUS prices... Almost everything is overpriced there. Still, it's cool to see them! I can't wait to find them in stores! Deco Kit #1 Mametchi with Blue Case Deco Kit #2 Memetchi with White Case Deco Kit #3 Kuchipatchi with Green Case
  7. All of the V4.5 shop codes: (found by Tama-Love and Kyliesmum) (please note, codes are in the following order; Code=what it gives you=points needed to buy after first time entering in gp (gp=gotchi points)) 1. BCAA CBAB= Pen= 15,000gp 2. BABC BAAA= Steak= 1,400gp 3. CAAC BBCB= !! (clone)= 14,000gp 4. BBAA ABCB= Honey (love potion)= 7,000gp 5. CCCA CBBC= CD3= 0gp ~If you enter all five shop codes, the last code you enter will not give you what the code is for! Instead, it will give you a RARE CELL PHONE. If you would still like to get the last item from the last code, you will have to re-enter the code and buy it. I recommend entering the code for "CD3" last because it is free! How to enter shop codes? Quoting from the V4.5 instruction sheet: Did you find a secret code? At the shop counter screen, press (A). Then, press (A) quickly three times. When the shop owner's face appears surprised, punch in the secret code to reveal a new item. [Note: A = left button, B = middle button, C = right button] ~THANK YOU SO MUCH to Tama-Love for helping with the code cracking! It would have taken much longer without you!
  8. They (as far as I can tell) are exactly like the V4. Only 4.5 has different characters and games. I'm only had mine since this afternoon, so my tama's not even 1 yet. I got mine off eBay, and just like when V4 came out, they are overpriced there. @Tama-Love~That's okay. I need to do the same thing right about now
  9. I got the purple one I'm going to start shop code testing tonight! (On my way to chat, care to join?)
  10. Hey! I got mine in the mail today and started it up... and guess what? the "sectet shop code" in the instruction sheet DOESN"T WORK!!!! Looks like another long week of code cracking around here, lol.
  11. I was checkin' eBay and sure enough, V4.5 is listed! That means that they should be across the states soon! Southern Cali, you are SO LUCKY! LOOK!!! (And there are others listed too!!!)
  12. closed. If you want to chat, go to chat. TamaChat