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    I like tamagotchis,Jack Skellington, Johnny Depp, Green Day, Converse shoes, My chemical romance, panic! at the disco, fall out boy, linkin park, nickelback, chiodos, breaking benjamin, buckcherry, soulja boy. I also like black nailpolish, the nightmare before christmas, shopping, gift cards, oreo pie, raviolis, cherry pop-tarts, listening to music in my room, the mall, homecoming games, football games. The color green, World of Warcraft,

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  1. if you want a boyfriend/girlfriend, the best thing to do is go ask someone out, rather then sitting on tamatalk ^^
  2. I don't like the new cd as much (American Idiot) my favorite cd is Nimrod and my favorite song by them is hitchin' a ride, or king for a day, haha love, CaseyXD
  3. Lol i love invader zim... Im actually wearing an invader zim shirt right now lol it says... Im going to sing the doom song now, doom doom di doomdie doom i love invader zim lol
  4. Lol have any of you guys ever watched that?? I think its pretty creepy lol... if u havent watched it and want to... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gNktI3AF4Q tell me how you guys feel about it cuz im personally feelin a litl creeped out LOL
  5. yeah chasing cars is sad... i also think that... Stan by Eminem Jesus of Suburbia by Green Day Are sad :'(
  6. Ok, i'll admit it... im a total World of Warcraft geek! does anyone else play?
  7. Yeah, i like 3 cheers for sweet revenge too...
  8. I have an Iriver and a Blue Lg chocolate phone.
  9. lol im usually into emo music... but i love that song! I love the dance too... i can do the whole song.
  10. You have some really good bands on there... Im torn between Good Charlotte, Green Day, Fall out boy, and Panic! at the Disco, and My Chemical Romance.
  11. ... i like his hair. (I liked it better when it was long and black tho.)
  12. any song by rihanna or beyonce or fergie or gwen stefani bugs the crap out of me lol like glamorous by fergie... hate it lol
  13. Id have to say my fav band is probably my chemical romance or green day but i like... Linkin Park Chiodos Fall out boy all american rejects eminem rise against rammstein ... the list could go on forever M.I.M.S.
  14. Hey guys, Verona Grove is an awesome band from wisconsin... i love them they sing goodbye surrender... you guys should check them out and post what you think... www.myspace.com/veronagrove awesome band... i saw them in concert they were great
  15. yeah i like fall out boy too... i love the mcr cd tho i listen to it a lot... i like green day and linkin park too tho