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  1. Ever scream out random things? are some famous ones I put on the poll. If you have a random saying tell us! **EDIT** Don't like this topic? DON'T COMMENT!
  2. Chapter three: The baby characters get tough " But why weren't they sissy when they fought the Wiggles?" Asked Toothy. " It's because they aren't cartoons." Culu explained. "They can quit if they want, they aren't cartoons that can't quit and aren't under control." Culu said. "Maybe we should get them all gangsta before they fight." Tulip said. "It will be more cool, plus hopefully it will be a matrix fight!" Terrance said. "Yea, maybe some cool duds too." said Toothy. Meanwhile we continue the fight with Elmo and Barney.... " I'm gonna tell my mommy!!!" Elmo said. "You made me wet my pants!!" Barney said. " Both of you shut up." Culu said. "Yea, come over here you idoits." Leyden said. " That's not nice!!" Elmo cried. "Nice Shmice, now shut up and listen." Toothy growled. " Both of you can't fight yet, you need to be toughened up first." Tulip said. "I'm plenty tough enough thank you!" Elmo said. "Just watch me!" Barney said. Barney picked up a straw and bent it. "See I'm so cool!" Barney said. "Wow.. can you make a dog?" Elmo said. " I think I might b-" Barney began.. "SHUT UP!" Terrance said. Then the three friends began to form a plan to make them tougher...
  3. Sure, but you must put the writer of the story
  4. To everyone: You may vote in this poll who you want to win
  5. based on my story here who do you want to win the fight?
  6. Thank you and barney said you gave me an owie and for that you must die
  7. So do I ^^ I am probably gonna put up part three today So all who enjoyed the story it will get more random a funnier