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  1. It's a Zudes. Besides that I don't know much.
  2. The nano kitty will always grow up the same way - as will the giga pets kitty. I'm not sure about the MGA kitty, though. If you want a cat vpet with varying evolutions, I think your best bet would be to find a gyaoppi. I've not seen a standalone cat gyaoppi in some time, but all of the multipets should have the option to select a cat, and there's several different types of cat it can grow into, ususally.
  3. Interesting. I want one, but not for more than 10/12$. Fakes are always interesting to me, but not for too much money. I've never seen a vintage fake before.
  4. I've got it, but it's got issues. The guts got damaged at some point and it doesn't gain happy hearts properly. I'm keeping an eye out for a v3 with an UTTERLY RUINED shell to swap guts with.
  5. actually, though there are two versions of the tamagotchi school/tamasuku, the larger one linked is the Tamagotchi Furefure - the tamasuku connects to it, kind of like a ketai/akai connects to a home deka.
  6. The background looks like one from the MGA dinos.
  7. MAKE SURE you get acetone-free nail polish remover. Acetone can and will melt and pit the plastic of the tamagotchi. It shouldn't be any more than 5$ for a bottle, and most likely less.
  8. Prices for tamagotchi really seem to vary wildly at points, so it can be hard to tell if something is actually worth that much, or if ebay users are just pricing them around that because everyone else is - I've found prices have really gone up the past couple of years. In terms of pouches, I have a couple of coin purses from Dollarama that work very well - they tend to fit everything up to the various color tamagotchi, so they're pretty versatile. I know I started collecting seriously in around 2008 (and I collect pretty much EVERY vpet out there I can get my hands on) and my collection easily doubled in size with one VERY lucky purchase of someone's entire non-tamagotchi vpet collection. I store mine in plastic storage drawers from canadian tire - i have two like these, though if you have a smaller collection there's a smaller option avalible that would probably work well. Most of the vpets I've purchased locally have either been found at garage sales/flea markets, or Value Village, specifically. I'd rather not tally up how much I've spent on my entire collection, but if you're patient, a lot of good deals can be gotten - I got three loose, used ID-Ls for 20$ + shipping a month or two ago, for example. As I said before, ebay pricing is really all over the place, and sometimes cheap listings do pop up, so it's worth checking in every so often.
  9. Hi, Tamafanatic. It looks similar to what happened when a tamagotchi is reassembled incorrectly. If you want, I would be willing to try and fix it for you. I wouldn't charge anything except the shipping. I have saved a similar v1 before.
  10. No problem! Feels great to help out. Tell us a bit about it, aye?
  11. Its a multipet by Kids Only. They were only called 'Digipets' They came in a large round style and the one you have - I have the round one, dunno if it plays anything like that one. http://www.kidsonlytoys.com/electronic.htm They both came in a similar package. EDIT: The round one listed on the site is a 10 in 1. The odd shaped one you have is a 32-in-1. Like I said, I am not sure if they play the same. EDIT EDIT: http://images.buzzillions.com/images_products/07/32/kids-only-digi-pets-electronic-virtual-pet-game_748493_raw.jpg This is the only pic I could find of it in package.
  12. oh hullo there, why yes, I think I know you too! :P

  13. I've never heard of static electricity do that bad damage to a tama before ): I'm really not sure how to fix it, because it sounds like the electronics were damaged. I doubt Bandai would replace it now, considering how old a model it is at this point. Your title did give me a bit of a chuckle though.
  14. They're not tama 'fakies' persay, but just another brand of virtual pets. They're based off a chip from the popular Gyaoppi line, and are actually excellent pets I have ones like these and I love them!