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  1. Movie should be great! Its the American Godzilla(Am-zilla )
  2. As of now,posada signed for 2 more years. And yes yankees are dumb.But getting rid of Abreu and matsui means no playoffs next season.Damon and Giambi should get 1 more year to prove they could stay.
  3. When I first found the game on a site about 3-5 months ago,I was speechless.BEST GAME EVER!!!
  4. Bandai is crazy,but apple has to give other mp3's a chance.
  5. I dont think different versions tama's could fall in love.
  6. Thank you!!1!one!And 3 fast 3 furious 3
  7. It sleeps with the toy when you let it play with it. Same with the doll.
  8. No one is a bigger fan than me
  9. You need to wait when it 4-5 yrs old.
  10. I repeat I LOST my talent.I had a strike every time I has up
  11. I have,my arm. Now playing Wii sports is terrible!!! I lost my talent in Blowing on the wii.
  12. I loled. Im watching the Mets game
  13. Baseball great sport But the yankees... not quite the year for them
  14. I see your problem How I do it is I put then change it to the color I want example: take out the blue and type pink then press Close all tags