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  1. because its so cute ~Mimichi Chan.
  2. Well. One time. I was listening to music and I looked at my tama. And he was dancing with little music notes around him. Coincidence?
  3. Thats horrible! You should call the restraunt
  4. What is your tamagotchi's name?^^ Mine's Cofee
  5. Woohoo!Ive wanted a conexion 2 foreverrrr and Im finally getting one!
  6. Congraats!! I love the dog!! its soo cute!
  7. I dont think you can be too old for tamagotchis. My dad has one and he is 38
  8. WOW! Mine was on gen 16 once =). Then..My tama died
  9. Second ^^;; Will be third verrrrrrrryy soon
  10. lookkkiieee sssoooooo cccuuutteee ^^^^^^^^^^ http://members.sparedollar.com/resize.aspx...er.jpg&size=600