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  1. I absolutely adore kiwitchis!They are the sweetest things in the world!!!
  2. Bump would have to be my fave,or else V2 jump.Those games are so fun!!!!!
  3. If you want to say a nice goodbye to Harry,you may also put this topic in Tamagotchi memorials.Hmmmm.......I always drop mine,but it never cracks.Strange.I'm very sorry for you though.
  4. and me ans nial had a baby boy called Meowsy. Meowsy woke up and just like all other babies,he was hungry and unhappy.His mother was gone,but he wasn't too bothered by that.He sat up and looked around his room until he spotted the hiding place his gandmother had hid that darn book with the old man in it.He wasn't afraid of it like his mom was though.He jumped as high as he could and knocked the book off the shelf.Meowsy then hid in a corner and opened the book to the last page with the old man in it.Meowsy also looked closely at the picture,just like his granny Lucy,but the book didn't suck Meowsy up.Instead,the old man popped out of the picture and stared right down at Meowsy.Meowsy,instead of being scared half to death,said to the old man,"So,what are you going to do to me old man?Huh?Huh?!"Meowsy looked like he was ready for a challenge."You're quite the feisty one."the old man chuckled as he picked Meowsy up by his neck.Meowsy gave a surprised squeak and then the old man said,"Well Meowsy,it's time for you to fullfill your destiny.You will go on Earth and turn into a normal human boy.You will be 14 years old,just like Katie Rose.You will try and make Katie Rose fall for you so one day you will marry each other.If you are able to kiss her on your first day,you will be able to be a tamagotchi in the human world.But if you fail,"the old man looked slyly at Meowsy,"you will be cursed for the rest of your life,and so will your family.NOW GO!!!!!!!!"the old man cried and suddenly,Meowsy felt a pain in his head as he was knocked into unconciousness.
  5. Because you went to Bueno Nacho! Why am I talking about a Kim Possible restaraunt?
  6. Because MSN went out of business for five minutes and you are not allowed to play Bejewelled unless you leave Tamatalk!Gasp! If I were an acrobat,would I be awful at it?
  7. Because the heat has gotten to your head and in 3 seconds you will stop eating...... If an elephant scares a cat out of a tree,how do the firefighters save it?
  8. Somebody pressed the reset button on the universe.Now they have to start all over again......
  9. Because it's snowing and then it's hailing and now it's sleeting. Why do horses let people sit on thier backs?
  10. Lucy stared around her room,mystified and confused."Mommy?"Lucy called,but there was no answer.Suddenly,a shadow covered her room and the shadow fed her and took really good care of her,until she was a marutchi.Then the shadow left her for a while.Lucy sat up and looked around her room.She had so many cool things,but they were either not interesting or too big for Lucy.Lucy was so bored,she took some blankets out of her bed and built a tent,and when it was complete,she took a book from the corner and some cake to nibble on and Lucy then went under her tent.It was quite cozy,with her bed and a mirror to look at herself.She opened the book to see many good adult tamas,like , , , ,and :furawatchi:s.Then as she turned the page,she saw an ugly and an old grandpa.She saw something familiar in the old man's background and as she looked closer,she got sucked right into the book!!
  11. ColonelJ's right.Talk like a normal person!!Then maybe we could understand you! Also,if you wanna be ,then don't ask people to buy you a tamagotchi!Go get your own!They're $15!Plus they are all over the place!Or r u just lazy?
  12. Because you are so bored. Why do cats like fishies so much? Poor fish.......
  13. So one day when the two babytchis and the marutchi were asleep,she put shaving cream all over thier faces! CalmRain102
  14. Because that's the way you naturally are. If a goat killed a man,how would they do the goat's trial?
  15. Have you paused it a lot?That might have messed it up.