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  1. I really like the sheep tamagotchi, but I don't know how to get it. Can someone help me?
  2. After a while the lead will kinda vanish and then you will be out of debug mode. It happend to mine!
  3. Ok I really want people to know that.... SUSHI DOES NOT MEAN RAW FISH!!!!!It means seasoned rice! I really want all of these ignorant people to know and to stop saying "Ewwwww raw fish!!" when they hear the word ''sushi''. Also people really need to stop judging food by what other people say about it ( those peole probably havent even had it either ) I mean if you tried sushi and don't like it , I understand!
  4. Anime is cool, but i don't like the really HUGE eyed kind where they are like MEGA hyper soo they sound ridiculous!
  5. Kiki's delivery service is great!!! Wow!!!! So many people looooove anime!!!
  6. wow! i know a lot of people like anime.i kinda stink at drawing it though...
  7. i dont like yugio or dragonballZ. i think that they are poorly animated.x(
  8. if anyone can show any of their drawings, on a website or whatever, then i would be delighted!!!!!
  9. anime is the coolest thing. it is japanese animation,like yugio and hello kitty ect. However anime isnt all about card games and stupid sounding voices! there is some beatiful anime movies created by master film maker hayao miyazaki, like spirited away, princess mononoke and other cool ones.The word anime comes from the french word meaning animation and the japanese adopted that word to describe their way of animation. the original pronounciation of this word was ahhhh.neeee.may, but americans made it aaaaaa. ni.may. I got really mad when my friend michelle and her friend coleen tried to convince my that anime was pronounced aaaa.ni.may!!!!!! okkkkkk i better stop typing now!