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  1. Yup, I think he like Top Gear. I like Top Gear my self!


  2. why is your username jeremy clarkson you like top gear!!!!!!!!??????!!!!!!!!!????????????!!?

  3. Wow, it's been a while!

  4. We're getting news tonight of a letter, claiming to know the location of Madeleine's body, most probably written by the killer (If she is indeed dead) Click this link for the full story
  5. You Americans are out of school already? Here in the UK we get a six week Summer Break. I hear you get somewhere in the region of 13 weeks. That's just wrong.
  6. World events. I have to keep up, I'm a journalist at another site. I regularly write articles that get over 10,000 unique hits... And I'd get fired if I didn't know about World Events. It nearly happened once. I've lived in fear ever since.
  7. Simpsons once, but they're getting old. I'll still watch the movie though. Family Guy rocks my socks.
  8. Because it's true It's a well known fact that 90% of today's youth are completely useless, McDonald's eating, hood wearing, chavs. Personal opinion, of course.
  9. The news is through to the UK, we're all very sad Thirty-one people are a lot of people to die, all of them innocent. I think we should be grateful that the killer himself has been confirmed dead, so he's not going to go and do anything else.
  10. I don't want to cause you any offence, but it is just a story. It's no different to TV programs about murder or anything else like that. I don't believe it can encourage witchcraft if there is no such thing. Note - There is such thing as murder. It is not to be encouraged! As I say, no offence intended. I don't actually believe in God.. so my views are obviously very different.
  11. JC I had a PM once asking if it meant "Jesus Christ" (No people, I am not Jesus). I was quite disturbed, so I asked Admin to change my name to Invisible Flames... But it was refused. D'oh!
  12. All forums where back online some time ago. Thankyou for your patience.
  13. - Please Note - This topic has now been updated and modified to apply to our modern day procedures. I hope this topic helps when your not sure if your breaking the rules!
  14. Do you mean the cross against the screen? (which means low battery) Also, topic starter.. We may have to change that username :S