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    Umm music is a big thing, along with my friend and just hanging out. Im 16 and homeschooled. I draw alot and Like alot of Anime. I guess thats all you really need to know.

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  1. We are getting them in on the 17 I think...or around there. - RoboJoe
  2. Mine fell into my fish pond a long time ago like in 1997 but it was fine. But my girlfriends Tama just broke because the battery acid came out and broke it...It sucks. sorry that was kinda off topic. - RoboJoe
  3. Its in maryland and the PSP 8 hour life span not recharable??? And play movies I don't belive that. And if it can its going to be like $bucks. But thats just me. - RoboJoe
  4. Cool, I cant draw on my comp anymore becaus eI broke my art board thingy . - RoboJoe
  5. I didn't think Devilgotchi's were so rare. I have one..There really not that great. I'll post pictures when I have time. - RoboJoe
  6. Who whent to Otkon this year? - RoboJoe
  7. Yeah that is late. But I don't really know because my time is opposite because I take it to clubs and stuff. But it seems like 11:00 is really late. I thought they go to bed at 8 or 9. - RoboJoe
  8. Im really trying to get a Robotchi...But I have to wait till G2 in a few more days I'll tell you if I have one or not. - RoboJoe
  9. I bet theres a post on this, but I looked and couldnt find one so I'm posting it here. Can Connexion and Connection link up? Thanks. - RoboJoe
  10. Me and My Tama (Dean) Just got home from the club. We had lots of fun. - RoboJoe
  11. I dont even think Toys R us is getting new ones for a while. I work there and were getting a truck of Bandi toys and tamagotchis are going to be on the truck but there the same colors as last time. So I dont know. I can look it up at work on tuesday. - RoboJoe
  12. Yeah I think so, And I was wondering do you get to keep any presents when your Tamagotchi has a babie and leaves?