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  1. If I let my v4 become an oldtimer, will the matchmaker keep visiting so I can eventually breed? Until what age does the matchmaker keep visiting a v4 oldtimer.
  2. The only genuine tamagotchis I have seen that don't have "tamagotchi" written on the top are from the v2 twin packs released in Australia.
  3. go to to get your souvenirs.
  4. This has happened once to me as well. I bought the flag, used it, carefully wrote down the code (and I am very careful when writing down the codes). When I went to the travel agency and entered the code it didn't recognise it, I felt very ripped off. I have successfully entered three other travel codes to get souvenirs so I know it does work and I know how to do it correctly.
  5. Is your tama a female or male? I am still waiting to get a mirror before I can try out the make-up. Maybe only girls like the make-up perhaps...?
  6. This isn't a glitch. It is possible for an Ichigotchi to evolve into a robotchi as they are both found in the even generations. Riven's growth tamadex is the most comprehensive I have found but it doesn't cover all possibilities. I have experienced evolutions that haven't appeared in them.
  7. TAMA 4 gen 1 (PLUTO) male--77 Lb--0 yr old training; 1/9 child; Tamatchi Pluto will be getting regular training and is getting average care. TAMA 5 gen 2 (TESSA) female--49 Lb--0 yr olf training; 0/9 child; Mohitamatchi Tessa is a badly trained, bad gift giving tama TAMA 6 gen 2 (ZUES) male--76 Lb--0 yr old training; 3/9 child; Kuchitamatchi Zues is getting proper training and care.
  8. TAMA 1 gen 8 (SHARK) female--85 Lb--3 yr old training; 8/9 child; Hitodetchi teen; Puroperatchi adult; Zuccitchi TAMA 1 had battery failure so the battery from TAMA 3 was removed and put into this one. I have been wanting a Zuccitchi for so looks very cool. TAMA 2 gen 7 (BOZOT) male adult; Oyajitchi The offspring of the two oldtimers. This is the easiest species to play slots with, the happy face is when he has his giant mouth open. gen 8 (LOYD) male--35 Lb--0 yr old training; 0/9 child; Kinakomotchi This one is getting bad training again. TAMA 3 Battery was removed as the oldtimer had a connection failure while mating and failed to get a baby. This meant that either she had to go on pause until another oldtimer was created or she was left to die.
  9. For your v3 to travel you will need to buy a plane ticket from the shop when they turn up (this is random). Get your adult tama to use the ticket from the items list but be ready to write down the password code (10 numbers long) that it will give you after the trip. This is the password you enter into the travel agency at tamagotchi town to get the souvenir.
  10. What country are you in? K-Mart has been the best place for v3 near me in Australia. supply names of importers on their site too. Unfortunately this site will not help for Europe or USA.
  11. In Australia (near me anyway) K-mart had them in stock first and they had lots of them. Big W still doesn't have them.
  12. Fab job on the v2 tamadex Riven, glad to offer info for the v3 version....... TAMA (A gen 1 (female) tamatchi obotchi furawatchi TAMA (B gen 1 (female) mizutamatchi patapatatchi pyonchitchi
  13. TAMA 4 Not Hatched TAMA 5 gen 1 (CILLA) female training; 9/9 child; Tamatchi teen; Obotchi adult; Furawatchi Furawatchi is seriously adorable but I was kinda hoping for one of the new species. Cilla draws pictures of two Furawatchis when she uses the pen. The cap is a funky look and RC car and toy are fun. TAMA 6 gen 1 (SARAH) female training; 9/9 child; Mizutamatchi teen; Patapatatchi adult; Pyonchitchi The pyonchitchi is slightly modified in the v3, the ears are a little bigger. I think this is an improvement on what was already a sweet looking tama.
  14. TAMA 1 (currently paused) gen 7 (POP) male training; 0/9 child; Marutchi teen; Oniotchi adult; Whaletchi Whaletchi is very cute when he comes up close to the screen. The rollerskates are funny, it looks like a jet powered car. He wears a single boot on his tail too. The wig is really weird too. Matchmaker set him up with wooltchi and he now has a baby girl. TAMA 2 gen 6 (SMIRK) male training;3/9 I refused the matchmaker and let Smirk evolve into an Oldtimer (Ojitchi). He is really hard to play slots with. The mating with TAMA 3 went wrong so Smirk has a baby boy, but Kiara doesn't. I wonder if the offspring of oldtimers (Oyajitchi) can mate? TAMA 3 gen 3 (KIARA) female training; 6/9 Kiara also became an oldtimer (Otokitchi) but has missed out on a baby as her connection failed during the mating. So disappointed, oh well. Slots is super easy to play with this old girl.
  15. It can vary how well they do on some items. Try the ball (and other items) a number of times as the result will be different.