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  1. I'm currently very fangirlish over Axis Powers Hetalia at the moment, so... - Russia <3 KOLKOLKOL - Prussia, just saw awesome with a godly singing voice - Germany, just because it takes guts to be that guy - England and his insane magical friends
  2. ^ where is your icon from? it looks way too familiar and its kinda bugging me because i want to know xD My obsessions? - Castlevania - Shiny things - Butterflies - Kites - Balloons - Clouds - Neon colors - Soup
  3. I wear make up, but i got for a natural look. I just wear mascara, foundation, and lip gloss. On occasion blush. I just wear foundation because it keeps my skin moisturized- it doesn't cover much of anything, so its not really a difference.
  4. i just started watching it the other day. i'm at episode 23- can't find it anywhere. i love it <3 Hetalia is just so bizarre, and it just keeps my attention with its randomness. Like Roman Empire popping out of the water, singing about what roles the counties should be in heaven or hell. Or when Italy constantly surrenders. It's just spazzy and what not, and I enjoy the way the historical events in the show are like... Represented in the strangest ways. With characters, I like... All of them introduced so far in the series. I haven't read anything for Hetalia yet though, so I kinda am just going with what I get from the anime. But I really really love Canada. "My day will one day come..." Just floating around like a ghost, yeah. Italy is just amazing too, you know? All of them are in my opinion.
  5. Tshirts. I'm obsessed with tshirts. Band shirts, black shirts, rainbow shirts, you name it. I wear nothing but skinny jeans, but 80% of the time they are designed- neon, stone wash, rips, etc. Never the normal kind of skinny jean. I wear a lot of studded belts, especailly my rainbow one. I'm a striped kind of person, so I enjoy wearing my gray striped hoodie. I like bright clothes and dark clothes. My shoes- converse, skater, beat up vans. I almost ALWAYS have a hoodie on. I tease my dyed-red hair, and I like dramatic eye make up :]
  6. Eh, the only one I find truelly talented is Marina. She's great at drums. The others don't really appeal to me~
  7. Mine is weird. It all began one day, in my Civics class. We were having a debate, and then all of a sudden this suspicious figure comes in my class. Somewhat tall, really frizzy hair, a shirt that says "Dealer" with a picture of a pot leaf. Me and my friends don't like the sight of him. And he keeps staring at me all class, creepilly. I hate it, and me and my friends decide I'll never see him again. I am wrong. He's not only in my Civics class, but now he's in Photography class. I found him in my seat. So I sat on the other side of the class. I steal my seat back the next day, and he sits next to me, smiling creepilly. The next day, he gives me 2 letters. One written, the other typed. I turn him down, he follows me to the mall... He creeps on me and 2 of my guy friends. We go see a movie. He gets mad at me for not dating him, and punches the wall outside. He makes a big deal out of me not dating him, and even cries over me. He claims "I'm his soul mate" and what not. It was scary. He wouldn't leave me alone, and my mom was scared he might hurt me. Eventually, he dropped out of school. But he texts me nonstop. He still texts me nonstop, begging me to date him >___>
  8. I've liked them for a long time. Even if I never hear of them that much anymore, I'm still a fan~
  9. to me, my flaws are things some of the people in my school want. my short, skinny/curviness is a curse. i'm 5'1, and I weight 104 pounds. You'd think I'd be flat chested and have no curves at all. People would think I'd be a size 0. I actually have C boobs, and larger hips. I'm a size 5 in pants. I have a small waist. A lot of people would think this to be a blessing, but its not. Its nearly impossible to shop. I can't wear high necked shirts because it makes my chest look funny. I have large hips, but my pants tend to be too long and a little baggy because I'm skinny and have smaller legs. Its a pain in the neck- I wish I had smaller chest atleast. I have a problem with the little bump in my nose- it throws off my face, I think. It gives me a funny looking profile. Also, my chin. Its so... flat. Blah. My eyes are very shiny, and i hate the attention they get. My hair is so fine. It's hard to style at times, and it looks like a mess with all the products i have to use to tame it. Its so... Wannabe trendy, lmao. And my hair, I miss its length. Its like a bob cut now. my thumbs are weird too, man. clubbed thumbs. short and stubby. and oh my gawd, my hands are tooooo tiny! lmao, people tell me i look fragile! One thing thats not a part of my looks is my accent. Very "New Yawk"-ish, despite the fact I'm from New Jersey. Everyday, people in my school beg me to say "Chocolate" and what not. Its growing so tiring. Like, people keep calling my Ms. NJ and what not. It's like... So stupid.
  10. lmao... best movie ever to see in theatres. everyone in the theatre was cracking jokes. when the two main girls started making out, all you hear is this guy go "touch... touch tongues." and i won like, 20 bucks from a bet. i made a bet that Jennifer can fly with my friend I WON haha, loved the movie <3
  11. She's the new Madonna.
  12. Hmmn... Tuesday I spilled milk on my crushes book bag by accident. I finally got the guts to talk to him, and I sat by his table... He gets up to get food, and my milk falls over and spills on his bag. He made me give him gum and was sooo dorky xDDDD In health we had a visitor talking about this place where teens can go if we want STD testing, pregnancy test, birth control and what not without parents permission... She made me and a few others stand up in front of class holding papersw saying steps of putting on a condom, and lucky me got Sexual Intercourse itself. I'm real immature, so I was hysterical up there xDDD
  13. Uhhh, New Jersey accent for the win, with a twist of New Yorker. Words I say funny: Chocolate= Chauwclet Talk= Tawk Coffee= Cawfee Strawberry= Starburry Dog= Dawg God= Gawd Do= DDDu (dramatic D sound) Shut= Shuh And= Eenduh Water= Waduh New Jersey= Nuuu Jarzee I tend to add a "w" effect to my words. And the people here in Delaware obsess with my accent. People say its cute, and makes me sound tough? I don't know XD
  14. I would just put mine to sit in the sun X3