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  1. I've read every single Warriors book multiple times. o_o -obsessed-
  2. I wear glasses, not contacts. I'd be too scared to put them in my eyes. ._.
  3. Definitely Paramore. (assuming you don't mean JUST singer and are including bands..)
  4. Ehh, It's not. It's an inside joke...
  5. I hate the word "noob", too. That's why I say "nib" instead.
  6. Punch him in the face. Lolol. Other than that, I agree with Polaroids. o.o
  7. Early '05 ftw? Anyway, TT doesn't...feel the same to me anymore. ._.
  8. School can't be funny. It's physically impossible..
  9. You forgot quite a few versions.. But, anyway...I hate them all. If I had to pick, I'd say..my angelgotchi or whatever it's called.
  10. It fell from the sky. ... But seriously, it's powered by Invision Power Board, because at the bottom of the page it says: "Powered by Invision Power Board(U) v1.3 Final © 2003 IPS, Inc."
  11. But the weekend is the first day of the week and the last day of the week, so if there was a third day that was considered the weekend, it wouldn't be the weekend.
  12. I don't think of TT. My friend just gives me links to topics here occassionally.