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  1. I ban tama star for posting 4 times in a row!
  2. I ban mametchi is so cool for having the word "spork" in their signature.
  3. you have to change the time to what time it really is or the clock will be wrong. Doing that pauses the clock as well.
  4. Kanda (cafe brown entama) will be an adult in a few hours time.. Also both Connections left their baby's last night. Benji's son is Mikey and is now a Marutchi, and Drake's daughter Sarah is a mizutamatchi. Unfortunately I decided to take a nap and by the time I woke up Mikey's hearts were all empty and he was sick. Most of the other tamas were unhappy too but MIkey was the worst off. Poor litttle one, I'm sorry I have such whacked out sleeping habits.
  5. tamatown is kinda boring. E-tamago is AWESOME and Entamas are way better then American tamagotchis.
  6. E-tamago is awesome. I've got two entamas and they are awesome too.
  7. the mail does random things. Once I got 5000 gotchipoints from it.
  8. I ban mangorox because I feel like banning somebody.
  9. Midoriko is now an adult - a Sebinetchi(I thhink that's the right spelling) pics coming whenever I get around to going on e-tamago. So lazy.... Also my v2 now has a baby BOY, it mated with s Hiratchi (I think), aaaand my v3 has a baby GIRL! YES! finally after 6 generations of BOYS. I will be able to mae my tamas again this generation! v3 mated with a Hanatchi.
  10. I ban neogotchigirl for having a cute doggie in her avatar.
  11. yes I am lazy and stupid. Anyway, Midoriko(beads white entama) will be an adult tomorrow. Kanada(cafe brown entama) is now a Young Mimitchi both my v2 and v3 will get the matchmaker tomorrow morning.
  12. your tama will not play games unless it's over 2 pounds heavier then it's minimum weight.
  13. I ban mametchi is so cool for not listing their tamagotchis status in their signature.