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  1. sanch

    Happy Birthday TamaTalk!

    woooooo! happy number 1 tamatalk!!!!!
  2. sanch

    The sidebar

    not sure what way i like it... dont think im used to it yet...
  3. lol! bachelor number one... if i was a twinke... what would you ... ah nevamind!
  4. yay!!! congrats poison orchid!
  5. sanch

    *Warning: rant ahead*

    i tot dis topic died lng ago... translation: i thought this topic died long ago...
  6. sanch


    usa... u mean uk and usa dont get the same movies?!?
  7. sanch


    i kno this is really off topic but a friend and i r going 2 the movies but don know what to see... ne1 seen a good movie lately?
  8. sanch

    Animated TamaTalk Logo

    i wondered about that! seen it once and havent again... when does it come back?!
  9. sanch


    how many ppl think its bad 2 buy their tamagotchis b4 the release day? i read of some and got my own... was that a bda thin 2 do? does it even matter?
  10. sanch

    No Offense

    pesky sisters! but really... 491 n jus 1 day? das alotta posts!
  11. sanch


    another lucky jerk reporting 4 duty! sry Admin... wanted 2 buy from the link to support tamatalk but how can u turn down getting tamagotchis before 15th!!?
  12. sanch

    special edition tamagotchi plus

    ne1 seen the vodafone (?) edition? color screen *drool* how cool wud that b!?
  13. found this link 2 a japanes auction of special edition share holder edition tama+ on a mail list ne1 able 2 translate?
  14. sanch

    New TamaTalk Guide Announcement

    congrats lozzie!