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  1. Hi All, I have a black tama connections (UK) which I'm looking for a good home to go to. I'm back into University soon and wont have much time to look after it anymore. PM me if you are interested, all offers considered
  2. No harm done , to be honest the old female character (aka Mrs Busybody) was getting a bit boring, not very demanding or interesting. For those of you who haven't seen my RIP thread, my Mrs Busybody tama left for Tama heaven on Thursday at the ripe old age of 28 days(years) old - I now have a nice new tama called Titch, I wonder what he will evolve into
  3. I'm sorry I was stupid enough not to let my tama have babies
  4. Thanks for all the nice messages guys. Not a bad thing really cause now I can look after another tama baby - this time it's started as a Bebitchi, named Titch, and has just this very minute evolved into a Marutchi, I wonder what Titch will evolve into next I don't think I'll try to see how old I can get him cause that got a bit boring after a while. But hey, I finally got to see a tama go to the beach ! ! ! I wonder what he will do next ?
  5. Many of you may know that I had set myself a little experiment about a month ago - Well I'm sorry to announce that Ditzy left for Tama Heaven this afternoon at about 2.15pm, she had reached the ripe old age of 28. She will be sorely missed, after all I did look after her for almost a month. I am now hatching my third tama since buying my tama connexion, and will let you know how T gets on.
  6. I mangaged to evolve my Tarakotchi into "Mrs BusyBody" at the age of 12, unlike the age of 16 that everyone else seems to think, so I think the age they evolve into the granny and grand pa depends on the adult stage of the tama. As with the "secret" character on Mimitchi's growth chart, I've actually seen this character when Gozarutchi buts his cape on, does anyone actually know if tamagotchis actually evolve into this character ?????
  7. yeah, i knew she wouldn't mate, just wanted to see if I could get one of the secret characters, that obviously didn't work for me
  8. I might sound stupid but how does the current ranking system work??? Although the other idea would be really cool, ranking according to tama species
  9. does anyone have any pics, my tama doesn't seem to like the beach and just wanders the screen as usual
  10. Hi Tama is called Ditsy and she's turned into an old granny, or as everyone else would call her Mrs Busybody
  11. Tamagotchi logs??? where can I go to have a looksie????
  12. Well, mine hasn't quite reached 35, she's now 16 years old and only beeps when hungry or unhappy, and the occasional poop of course. I wonder how old Ditsy will survive til ? ? ? Answers on a postcard please
  13. Well, never mind, next experiments in mind are : 1. See how long she will survive for 2. What a male tama will look like when it is past it's breeding stage I'll let you knwo how it goes
  14. Sorry about that everyone, geocities was playing up a little but all sorted now, you can see the pic Here Once again sorry about the non working link Sorry my hyperlinks seem to be on strike