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  1. no sorry they aren't. I used to have 1 and I know alot of people that have them
  2. Hey honey what did you talk about with jason? Oh nothing. but could we get divorced? But honey (starts crying) All you have to do is sign these divoprcing papers. Why do you want to divorce me? cause I want to marry Jake. JAKE! (faints)
  3. That was a nice kiss, could we do that again? Sure. (starts kissing.) I wish that you were my husband. To bad im married I've got an idea, why don't you get divorced? Great Idea! (goes back home) I'll be right back!
  4. Everyone liked teacup land more than disneyland.
  5. He fell in love will Frankie but...............
  6. Teacup fairy came and said.........
  7. fell in love and got married
  8. a Disney character and thought it wouldn't be right he moved to disneyland so...
  9. Gem liked her mom very much and alway kissed her
  10. when mikekissed her she turned into a because mike was a migical fairy
  11. Teapot world. Teapot world was kinda like teacup world but the people were different cause....
  12. her teacher the appeared again and said.............
  13. She was stuck inside a giant building!
  14. He met a mimitchi named Frankie