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    A little about me: I love to swim and I love many different types of music. I play violin although many times, I find it pointless. I like tamagotchis but I don't worship them, they are a side thing I do sometimes. I love internet and Technology stuff. That is a bit about me. I may do some changes to this later.

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  1. Yeah, txt tlk is good for Instant Messaging, not emailing and posting. It is kindof annoying.
  2. As an adult, I keep my tamagotchi no more than 25 or 30 pounds. I know someone who's tama is like 9? pounds!
  3. He he, funny story. One day my grandma flew from illinois to colorado. Me and my mom had to get her lugage from that spinning thing. I was wearing really loose shorts. Well, When I lifted one of her bags, my pants fell ALL THE WAY DOWN. Did I mention I was in an AIRPORT. Talk about embarising. (sp?)
  4. I don't think I can help you there although I've heard there are certen things you do as a baby, kid, and a teen to get that. I've heard that you feed it at certen times with certen foods or play a game at a specific time. Don't worry, you'll get one eventually.
  5. Sorry, there is no off button. You CAN pause it though so it doesn't die. You press and hold button A then (while still holding A) press button B. Do the same thing to un-pause it.
  6. It ATE itself? Eating poop is one thing but eating ITSELF? Definatly a glitch. That is very strange.
  7. I'm sorry, there is already a topic very simaler to this one. That topic is not just about periods, its about all of puberty. If you want to post something like this, please go to the Girls Only: Have you had your period yet? topic. T?
  8. Everybody has opinions some helpful, others rude. It doesn't matter if you are a boy or a girl. I know a TON of guys who like tamas. If someone says you are a sissy for liking tamas, ignore them. They are fun little toys that anyone can play with. T?
  9. Wow, it probab;y is a glitch but its a good one. 2000 is a lot. I know I've never gotton that with that game. Or with any other game, acually. Enjoy it, and don't waste it!
  10. Nah, your not weird at all nor are you too old. I know people who are 21 and still play with tamagotchis! If you like to do it, you'll forget about if you're too old or not, it really doesn't matter.
  11. My life isn't all that great - kinda sucks. But hey, its OK just not that good.
  12. I've left my tama at my house and it was an adult. It was all hungry and all unhappy and was sick. But one day, at school, I left my two tamas on my backpack. When I got home, they had gotton stolen. Oh well, anyway, sorry you lost them. It should live for about 12 hours. (at least mine did)
  13. yea, It kinda sucks but that's life for ya! Oh and if I am missing an s in any word people, its because it sticks and sometimes it doesn't work. lol Anyway, unless some people start to start a fight, I really don't have any more to say.
  14. It's required in our school to say the pledge. Sometimes, I don't even look at the flag. I also think most of what he says is gramatically incorect (sorry, but I can't spell that well) I remember I had to give up watching the simpsons becaue the president had to go and make a speech on the channel of fox 31. I do not like bush at all.
  15. Oh. I'm sorry to hear that. I will.