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  1. that happened to me, i lost my skateboard, ball cap and teddy bear! edit: and baloons too
  2. i think the old lady is the matchmaker
  3. same here but im in canada, probably easter.
  4. you don't have to reset it. ~Goalie Girl~
  5. tamagotchi conections can watch TV my kiwitchi, whaletcchi, gozarutchi and hiratchi (i think its called) had watched tv
  6. When I bought a chest on my V3 I used it and my tama turned into a baby (Teletchi I think it is called) for 20 seconds then he turned back the a Young Mimitchi then he lost all his happy and hungry hearts. ~Goalie Girl~
  7. the password wont work and i forgot to visit my parent (im only gen. 2) Edit: i just went to it and the marutchi came up on mine too!
  8. Jelly Beans. I got this one as my first tama in V2. I currently have: -Dark red with jelly beans V2 -Dark blue with lollipops V2 -Light blue with ocean waves V3
  9. Elephants like what but I doubt they swim and don't go off shore for a long period of time
  10. I do belive in it. I saw a show and the people saw the monster underwater and they almost captured it!
  11. Me and my hockey team stayed at the Detroit Airport Hilton since the Michigan Girls Team invited us for a fun weekend.
  12. hockey. my team is in the round robin for playoffs i think my cuzzi is comin over and were goin to HHOF (hockey hall of fame)
  13. I'm listening to Holiday by Green Day right now, I love Green Day!