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  1. Thanks Jeremy Clarkson, this topic really helped. I agree to not do any of those things ever and I will also help others to try and do the same. Thank you for making this, and pinning it. You are a very good tamatalk guide, JC! A big thanks, Kaylie.
  2. I agree that this topic is very helpful to everyone. I'm glad a tamatalk guide saw this and pinned it. It decreases the number of kids getting stolen off the internet. It's very helpful. I only put my country (Canada), interests(volleyball, tamatalk, etc..), gender (female), and age(11). I'm very glad to be a member of tamatalk because it is very safe and you can trust it. Tamatalk is a very great place and I applaud the tamatalk guides, Admin, angelgotchis, lifetime angelgotchis, and tama1092 for helping and creating tamatalk, the best site ever on the web! Kaylie.
  3. I'm the first person to post in 2006. Cool! Oh, and if you say you have more than 15, I probably don't believe you. Kaylie.
  4. I have 2 tamagotchis. One v2, Sarah, and one v3, Emma. I don't like having too much tamagotchis, one of each kind makes it more special to me. Kaylie.
  5. I really like the new skins, especially the camo one, just suggesting for the camo, to make it lime green with pink, pink with yellow, or pink with blue, just a suggestion... I find the camo one a little too dark, although the boys might not like my new suggestions about the camo! The skins are great... tamatalk is great!!! Kaylie.
  6. Sorry if this thread is not allowed or is no good. Just I hope you know now not to do it!!! Kaylie.
  7. Aw, cheer up Tweety, it's ok *hugs* ppl do that where I live, too. I know you're new, and it's ok, aw, you're kinda cute I must admit. Please be your normal happy self again. And this thread is just to tell you not to swear, insult etc... thanks, Kaylie.
  8. Sorry, I'm just trying to help out. And I know that tamaguides are helping, that is what they are here for. I'm saying that swearing and insulting isn't nice. And you say if you agree or not. Let's all help out and not do this please, the tamaguides also need help. Kaylie.
  9. Well.... where I live ppl do that. And it is considered 'bad' even if there aren't many ppl doing it, it is still bad. I just hate it when ppl do that *shrug* do they know how immature that is? Luckily, there are ppl who take care of it. Kaylie.
  10. Yes, and that's what I said, the one thing I like about sorry topics is that somebody is being mature and apologizing, that's always good. And yes, I saw what happened with Baby_Monkey and Olber, it actually was very mature of Baby_Monkey, she's probably the youngest on tamatalk, and she had the guts to do that. Baby_Monkey is actually maturer than some kids on tamatalk........ Kaylie.
  11. Me too, they ARE better than what ppl are posting now. Good point, xBlackIrisx, or...Liz. Kaylie.
  12. Tamatalk was made for....talking about tamagotchis! And look what is happening, everybody is using words that shouldn't be here. Swearing, saying ppl are mentally ill, and telling them that they have to get a life.... it's not nice, and trouble is on their way! We really want to make tamatalk a good place, and we do try to act mature, but some ppl just don't. I would really like to stop the inapropriate language to make tamatalk better. This is up to you, should there be swearing and this stuff in tamatalk? Please try to help! Kaylie.
  13. I know, it is very important, but I just don't like it when the whole idea is about saying sorry, because then that person will come and say yes or no, then there is nothing to do with the topic. We all have a point, wether we want sorry topics or not. And here is where you can explain your reasons. Kaylie.
  14. You're right, but I'm saying that there should be not just only no sorry topics, but flame wars, too. It's bad enough that you even fought. I know that some kids here put a lot of crappy, spammy, posts here, and I hope we don't see that many sorry topics, so we know that the number of flame wars are getting better. I hope it stops, recently, there was one with Baby_Monkey and Olber, that didn't look so good to me. It's getting rather annoying, seeing how kids behave these days. Do they know how much they could get in trouble?!? Please, I hope the sorry topics stop, so that we know that flame wars aren't happening, however, there is one thing I like about sorry topics..... the member is acting mature and responsable and apologizing. It actually is a good thing, but there is nothing good about flame wars, and that is why I hate seeing so many sorry topics. Get it? Please let it stop, -Kaylie.
  15. I've seen many topics saying 'I'm sorry' or 'please forgive me' I think it is a waist, of bandwith (memory) and time..... People fight a lot on tamatalk, let's make that stop. And then they make a topic for forgivement. That isn't a very good idea, why? Look............. 1. it waists some of the bandwith. (memory) 2. a tamaguide has to eventually come along and take up their time to close a pointless, spammy topic. 3. It may be invading privacy, both for you and the member you fought/argued with. Please help out and try to inform people not to spam by making these topics. If you had an arguement with someone, pm them, if they blocked you, try mentioning it in the topic you guys argued in, if it's closed, try mentioning it in another topic you made, for example, "Oh by the way ___, I'm sorry," and then carry on with the actual topic. Don't make the whole idea about saying sorry, eventually, that person will come along and make their point, and there will be nothing to do with the topic anymore. This is why there are tamaguides, not to show off and be all perfect, to help out. Please, let's all at least try to pitch in and help make tamatalk better. And plus, should you even be arguing in the first place? Kaylie.
  16. Flood control? All it is is when your computer gets all confused...then they make you wait....I think. I can ether like it or dislike it...wich ever one you want me to! Kaylie.
  17. Black eyed peas? They're ok. But I do like 'where is the love' it's cool. But I like more Jesse McCartney, D.H.T., D.j. Bobo (if you've heard of him, he's not that popular), and so much more! But the Black eyed peas, probably my, let's see....33rd favourite. But ya, I like them. Kaylie.
  18. Thanks, but I really don't want to buy a new one because I have a lot and they cost $20.00 each and my mom bought me all of them. I wouldn't want to throw it out, and there aren't any tamas in the store anymore! Still, thanks, I haven't tried a new battery yet! Kaylie.
  19. There was a presentation at my school, and it was about internet safety. The policewoman told us a few stories about kids who were fooled and the six (I'll try to remember them all) different types of internet concerns. The hacking one, when ppl steal your password or something, the virus, when someone sends you a virus in e-mail, the kind when someone robbs you, when they try to hurt you (for instance oooh, don't want to say it, it's 'sexual'), the kind when ppl want to meet you, and I'm not good at memorizing!! But I'm curious, do you know of anyone who got kidnapped on tamatalk? Thanks, Kaylie.
  20. Ok, I would be more than happy to. If it makes you happy, I'm in!
  21. I'm so like the hitodetchi! I am fun, funny, smart, pretty, and mature. I always knew I'd grow up to be a star, and the thing is, I already am! lol! Go hitodetchis! I'm also a singer and I sing karaoke and take lessons! Yay hitodetchis!
  22. Oh, they are, sorry, but it is a good site, huh? Sorry, don't listen to me, but still, the type of character you get dosn't matter, it's the type of character you deserve. But sorry, it's still a cool site, right? Anyways, go on.
  23. That's just it! The hitodetchi is a good tama and I know it. You said you were spoiling your tama? That's excactly what you aren't supposed to do! If you are spoiling it, you are getting mostly the marutchi (circle) am I right? Here is how not to get a marutchi (and mostly you will get a hitodetchi, yay!) Do not connect with anyone if you are a baby Don't buy much Pay attention Don't pause it too much Play jump a lot Don't over feed Don't or never discipline it And that is for sure. It works, on my friends' tamas and my tamas. Surprisingly, there is another toddler tama, got him once. A 'kokumatchi' or something like that, I'm not sure, a tamagotchi with arms and legs, looks like a nikatchi, almost, here's a picture I tried to draw of a kokumatchi: ( ) - - ( ) | | It isn't good. I think that is the name of it. Check this site to find out Go to characters, and look. there, it is orangy red
  24. Ok, I will try what most of you think I should do, put in a new battery, then I will download it, hope it works!! Kaylie.