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  1. Ah, okay. I didn't realize the life cycle for the Tama-Go was so different. Thank you!
  2. My tama-go seems to be growing up very fast. I started it two days ago and it's already grown into an adult. Is this normal? How long are the different stages normally?
  3. Wow I haven't been on this site in years! I just found my tamagotchi while cleaning and couldn't resist starting it up again. :3

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    2. Ribonitchi


      welcome back


      even though you dont know me i was a new member from last summer 2011

    3. It`s Teri

      It`s Teri

      Welcome back!

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      The same thing happened to me. xD Welcome back :D

  4. I'd say it's worth checking out. It's not the best version (I don't like the lack of games)but it's still pretty good, and they're very cheap whenever I see them. I found mine in clearance at target for $5 and the figures aren't too bad either (although I haven't bought any, can't find em and I'm fine with just the memetchi coin drop game that came with mine).
  5. Wow, that looks great! I've been trying to do the same thing but I haven't found a similar cord yet.
  6. That's a great idea, I would definitely be interested! No matter what you do a good, clean interface is a must. As far as features, Different sections for different versions is a great idea, that seems like the best way of organizing info. For each version have game guides, growth charts, any codes etc. A list of characters with descriptions and the official illustrations would be cool too. Have fun coding!
  7. So long as you don't neglet your responsibilities as an adult, I think it's totally acceptable for adults to use tamagotchi. Personally I wouldn't use my TamaGo in public simply because it looks a bit silly, but I carry my v4 in my purse most of the time and have no problem being seen with it. Similarly, I have several friends in their 20s who still play with legos, so there are several toys adults can play with without it being weird. I must confess I find it a bit troubling when someone is SUPER obsessed with them regardless of age, but that applies to pretty much any toy or hobby. I think playing with one casually, having a small collection and being a regular on a forum like this is no big deal. I wish I knew more older people with them though, I'm 20 and I'm the only person I know who uses them! T^T
  8. I tried it earlier today and I received the same error. I hope they bother to fix it, I know Bandai is more or less done with US tamagotchi but they could at least keep the site up and running. EDIT: The new Tamatown appears to be down as well.
  9. Binary has a great guide to bonding here: Bonding On the V5 you can use the C button to exit a game at any time, and when there are no menu items selected you can press it and your tamagotchi will perform an animation. The animations differ depending on bonding and I can't remember them all, but at 80% they will walk up to the screen and you can see them up close.
  10. Mimifuwatchi is a girl, isn't it? Mine was anyway.
  11. A Wal-mart in Jacksonville, Florida has them!
  12. You should get one tomorrow, I don't think it sends you one until 24hrs after it becomes an adult.
  13. on the shopkeeper screen, press a a few times until it looks startled, then enter the code.
  14. I wish I knew, but I haven't been able to find a specific release date other than mid-June, which is kind of vague... EDIT: I was just on tamatown and when I clicked on info it said "version 4.5 has new characters, games and careers! check it out!". Since they don't say coming soon or something similar, it kind of makes it sound like they've released it already. Strange.