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  1. im sorry if i cum across rude, but DUH?!
  2. i live in ON canada and im gettin a V3 TOMMOROW!!!!!!!!!
  3. and ure point issss..................
  4. does n e one here no wer to get a new avvie??????????????????
  5. im not sure is dey all work, *sigh* but they do sound awesome.......................
  6. uhhh........ u just haf to get lucky............... they cost 2500 points neways
  7. i think debuggin is wen u join the 2 semi circles in the tama below the word DEBUG. i think 1 semi circle is the tamas not included, and the othr is the tamas included. wen u join them u join the 2 tama characters 2gethr.....
  8. i'd love ure passwords. PM me this aftrnoon. thats wen ill have a v3. do u have one? have u looked at the character chart? wuts ure fave? mines the frankenstien. im totally into Halloween & tamas........ thanx!!!!!
  9. hey dudes & dudettes. im just lookin bak on a 2005 post. *sigh* seemes like just yester day............
  10. OMFG!!!!!! im gettin one tom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want ethr the ice creeam, the blue waves or the silve. but ill take ne1 but the yellow. i reeeeeely dont like yellow. (P.S. 2day i had coffee so dont blame me if i seem ovr reacted. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!)
  11. guess wut my peeps?!?!? i live in Canada and im gettin a v3 tom.!!!!!! yay me!
  12. well, thers a site for tama connexion codes and they have 10 digits. thats how many a v3 needs, i think. the site u go to is www.gamewinners.com then to cheats, then handhelds, then ttama connexion. i dont have a v3 but want 1, so i dont no if they work......
  13. kkk. thers a rumor that on a v3 evry month (once every month) u can buy a pak of cigarrets for 7000. Is this tru?
  14. OMG! ure soooooo lucky! i want one sooooooo bad! neways, thers this site and 9 dont no if it will help, but ther r codes for tamas (under handhelds) that haf 10 digits. i dont no if they r 4 tama conexion or not, but they mite work. www.gamewinners.com