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  1. I thin kwe get how to do that. I want to close this topic.........but I don't know how!
  2. i dont kno where u type it in, cuz i just got it from a person here. but ?? is a clone item thing!
  3. That's not true. But ajiau, Your son can't go to tamatown and get a plane ticket to austrailia, you have to buy it from your shop. Hope I could help.
  4. I think I've got it, even though I have tried it! Ok. 1st, on your second generation, got to the parent password, write it down, and don't lose it! Then, on your 3rd generation, go to tamatown, and enter the generation 2 parent password in the grandparent spot. Like I said, I havent tried it because I can't find my other password. Please let me know if it works!
  5. Don't worry, It's a one time use, and all that happens is that a weird bottom of a genine appears, does something, and makes your tamagotchi mad.
  6. ya that happens to me to!!!!!!! Maybe it's just a lie...
  7. What do you mean royal costume? Can you buy that in a shop?
  8. LittleTamagotchi, I think you mean version 2 and version 3, not generation 2 and 3. generations are wen your tamagotchi has a baby, the baby is the second generation. As for the wieght thing, I suggest playing games, it takes down the weight and adds happiness.
  9. That didn't work for me, mabye it's all a lie...
  10. ya dont the suveniors just sit there, and they dont do anythin