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  1. Yumi_82


    Be sure to buy them - they are just the best! And now that I have a new computer the graphics and speed has improved amazingly much. //Yumi
  2. Yumi_82

    Sims 2

    They have a Ford Mustang GT on Sims2.com but some people have experienced some difficulties with the download but be sure to read some posts about is before you download. //Yumi
  3. I didn't know that! Thanks a lot! //Yumi
  4. Even if you don't want to, you're missing something - it's really fun. I know 20 yearold who plays it. //Yumi
  5. I love 'em. I got a white Lite for Christmas and I have 3 games - AC:WW, New Super Mario Bros. and MarioKart. //Yumi
  6. I cit down my original trees and plant non-native fruits in the holes so I'll get a big archard - and a lot of bells! Thanks for the tips! Didn't know either of 'em! //Yumi
  7. Yumi_82


    Yes. I only play the Sims 2 now because I like that more than Sims 1. My neighbourhood is called Woodward Hills and it's a recreation of Hollywood Hills. //Yumi
  8. Sorry for not updating! Here are my tamas growth processes: V3 Baby Boy --> Mizutamatchi --> Nikatchi --> Mimiyoritchi Pink V2 Baby Girl --> Marutchi --> Nikatchi --> Tarakotchi Yellow V2 Baby Boy --> Hitodetchi --> Onionitchi --> Tarakotchi They are all three 6 years old and all of them are at a healthy weight! More updates coming soon! //Yumi
  9. I have 273 only good songs - mostly Blink 182 and Rammstein. (My favorites!) //Yumi
  10. Wow, I read 17 subjects. I get a report at the end of every semester so my last one was just before Christmas. But I got: 10 MVGs 5 VGs 2 Gs If it's confusing this are the grades: MVG - Excellent VG - Very Good G - Passed/Good IG- Failed //YUmi
  11. A New Generation Around 9 pm yesterday (Sunday) I let Chili, Salsa and Papri levae their children so I could take care of them. Green V3 I named him Barny and he grew up after an hour to a healthy Mizutamatchi. I'll post his stats: Name: Barny Age: 0 years Gender: Male Weight: 12 lb Training: 2/9 Generation: 31 G. Points: 5119 p Pink V2 I named her Berry (Cute, isn't it?) and she grew up to a Marutchi. Here is her stats: Name: Berry Age: 0 years Gender: Female Weight: 10 lb Training: 1/9 Generation: 15 G. Points: 3894 p Yellow V2 I named him Benji and he grew up into a Hitodetchi. Here is his stats: Name: Benji Age: 0 years Gender: Male Weight: 11 lb Training: 1/9 Generation: 51 G. Points: 0 p <-- Sad! I need to get him more! I don't have the greatest scanner but atleast here is a photo of my tamas: http://s80.photobucket.com/albums/j200/Yum...nt=skanna-1.jpg There you see the "keychain" I made for my V3 for some time ago. But the colours are more limegreen, though. It's my scanners fault. //Yumi
  12. No, I don't believe in god. I'm an atheist but when it comes to religion the most imortant thing isn't belief or not, it's to respect other peoples' side of veiw. //Yumi
  13. Matchmaker Day Chili was paid a visit from the Matchmaker at 3 pm today. When she came I didn't hear the beep from the V2s so I thought that they would have babies tomorrow but it turned out that their clocks are a few minutes behind. So after a few minutes she visited them too. Green V3 Chili mated with a Teketchi and had a boy. I've managed to get her weight down to 45 lbs! More than that it hasn't happened that much with her today. Just cleaning up poop, feeding her and playing games. Pink V2 Salsa mated with a Gozarutchi and had a baby girl. She is also much thinner now, only 44 lbs. Yellow V2 Papri mated with an Urutchi and had a baby boy. He is the thinnest of the three: 38 lbs! More updates coming soon! //Yumi
  14. Well, I tried it and it worked! But I found out that my scanner isn't the greatest, the image is not as clear as I hoped for but it's better than nothing. //Yumi
  15. They only have 1/2 happy faces on each other even though I connected them while they had drunk the love potion.. :/ //Yumi