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    �I really like screaming....<br><br>�..I am reallie into the Japanese band call W-inds..they are so..*stares at offical website*....where are we again? Right..I meant they are reallieee HOT..<br>Did I mention they are HOT?<br><br>�I'm kind of losing intrest of Tamagotchi. If you don't find me here as often...I doing something else...(staring at w-inds music viedos...or playing Sims 2)<br><br>�I am trying to be a guide...which I know...would NEVER happen to moi..<br><br>�Doggies are a BIG part of my life..and if even one species extinct..I'll go nuts.<br><br>�W-inds dances really good. They started when they were like 17, and now they are about 22. There's three members..Go to this website:<br><br>�Keita! Why do you have to go solo?? Good thing you are not disbanding!<br><br>�I have been a loyal fan since 2004 and still is..the only problem is that I can not understand Japanese or buy there CDs because they are about 1,000-1,500 YEN. NOT USD, YEN..and my brother told me thats around $30. THEY HAVE A NEW SINGLE!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH<br><br>�I know I am very obessed....but deal with it...I am REALLY crazy about them<br><br>�I am really glad TamaTalk moved to another server. Thanks Admin! I know you are doing this for the sake of the TamaTalk Members!!!<br><br>�I really hate the Tama v3 like....<br>Tama-Tama-Tamagotch! Yes..I have a V3<br><br>�This is the end..well ByeBye..<br>----------------------------------------------------------------------<br>~Mandy™

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  1. i have an iphone :] i also have the newest ipod nano in green
  2. You get a peice of fingernail from George Bush! *inserts my fingernail*
  3. Hmmm....let's see: 1.Being in the public bathrooms alone 2.Auto toilet flushing 3.Being alone in the lift 4.Going to the bathroom at night 5.And insects that fly
  4. Thanks for the post but then I'll never do it because the only thing I'll do to it is to break it.
  5. How do you insert a code they give you from e-Tamago into the Entama?? Please help!
  6. Oh yeah!! Same here! I don't even dare to look at dead people's scare!!
  7. *sigh...* Let me Start...(Is endless..) Spiders (ecspially black...widows) Scary Stories books...(Gaa...) Horror movies My mom's fart (Is loud, but it doesn't smell..wierd..) My dad's BREATH (You can hear it 1ft away.) Ugh..and more..
  8. I agree. It's not Youtube that's making the video. Is the members... And Google buying Youtube is kinda old offense.
  9. Any songs from W-inds..or Keita Tachibana(Japanese) Fergralious-Fergie London Bridge- Fergie Smack That- Akon Any PCD songs.. Ridin White and Nerdy And more...
  10. I like to smell the one from EXPO scents. The mint chocolate one smells gooood. Doesn't it make you high or something?
  11. Lucky! I was gonna get one for Christmas until I called every store and said they were sold out >.<