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  1. well not to lyk freak u out or ne thing but they dont have to be the opposite sex... i no its weird but my friends was a boy and it fell in luv with another boy and then its kid which was a girl is now falling in luv with my girl... its very interesting and extremely weird!!! lol
  2. yea mine is lyk that too!! i was in chorus and i looked at it and it was singing it was so weird and then today i caught it brusing his teeth and after i showed my friend it stoped and turned its back on me!!!
  3. yea that happened to my friend too and they ended up having babies!! the baby was a girl and she still has it and we connected now ours are falling in luv and they r both girls... its a bit weird if u think about it!!
  4. my tamagotchi is a teenager and when I dont do anything to it or just let it sit when i look back down it will be skipping across the screen yet on its last skip, lyk its 3 or 4 one, it falls and lands on its face and then slides into the side of the wall and then gets back and does it again and keeps on doind that untill i touch one of the buttons!! is it supposed to do that or is it lyk mental or something...? idk