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  1. it was regarding nepoets. ok, i'm a loser n i lost the mail. sorry to whomever sent it. if you like, please re-send, this time i'll respond before i lose that mail
  2. yeah! i got that one! it's cute! i put the boots on it n it stomped around doing a funny little dance...i was giggling n made it do it again!
  3. yeah, sure, bring them back...and while they are at it, they could bring devilgotchi's to the u.s. that would be super cool!
  4. no kidding! the australian ones are great! i wish i could have this one!!! swirlie paisley
  5. he's not ugly! he looks like zero from nightmare before xms! i wish i could have kept mine but he had a baby.
  6. i don't like any of them. the hibiscus one is ok. i guess i got a second wave one, cuz it's translucent pink with yellow stars. it was either that or fruit rings. couldn't they make blakk?
  7. first off, i neer have time to come here anymore...bad nikki second, i got a hiratchi and every time i look at him, all i can think of is that he looks like zero, jack's ghost dog from nightmare before xms. so, of course, he's my fave character. and i am really liking hitodetchi as the toddler. i wish he was an adult cuz i think he's cute
  8. i will see your worst parents ever n raise you my parents... now show your cards, cuz i think i win...lol
  9. i'm not a nerd...i'm a dork! or, aftermy little incident with erasing my entire ipod in about 8 seconds, i am also an amazingly gifted dumbass... i'm also a freak... and btw, nerds are cool.
  10. i wish there had been a blakk n purple category...
  11. i can't get enough of it. i'm sitting here eating leftover kung pao chicken, and it occurred to me that i am probably one of the few that actually eats the hot chilis that are cooked in it for flavoring. when my best friend finds them in her kung pao, she always flick them onto my plate cuz she knows i am crazy enough to eat them.
  12. i really would like to go there someday. i wonder if purinland is still there? it was a hello kitty theme park. i want to see so many things there...like their disneyland and tokyo disney sea and their hello kitty dept. store (if it's still there...), and the hirojoku fashion thing on sundays looks really cool. years ago, back when i had a head full of long purple hair my friend said i should go there cuse at 5 feet tall i would be taller than everyone there (lmao) and they would be fascinated with my hair n i could have my own tv show. i always thought that was pretty funny. i went to vegas for my 21st birthday and at the time, i had neon pink hair. i was approached by so many people that were fascinated by my hair. the best one was this family of 20 or so japanese. they asked if they could take their picture with me. so there i was, neon pink hair surrounded by this family, and i still laugh when i think about the fact that that pic is floating around japan some 11 years later.
  13. i HAD that one...then i lost it, man was i bummed. my new one is purple with stickers, but i never used the stickers. purple ismy second fave color after black. i wish i could have found a black one.
  14. that's basically all i was wondering... are the new colors cool? what are they?
  15. i wish i could remember whst i was laughing at in that picture...